Author Topic: Show of hands: Who's interested in a NE IBC  (Read 13450 times)

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Re: Show of hands: Who's interested in a NE IBC
« Reply #60 on: January 28, 2011, 11:42:15 AM »
Yes, Greg that's the "official" Time! ;D
The reason I ask is, if I had shown up at 8:30 at the AIBC, i would have missed a good deal of Fred!! :))
By the way, High Temp for today in southern Kansas is predicted to be 68! Tommorrow is 53!! The predicted high for Sunday in Lincoln?? 20 degrees. :o
Do I get brownie points for just showing up?? ;)
Good Thing I am an old Nebraska boy! I learned a thing or two about working and shooting outside in 20 degree weather growing up!! ++)
See you guys Sunday AM! :)
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