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Upcoming Events! Volunteers Needed!
« on: February 13, 2010, 08:56:00 PM »
Folks, this is a list of most of the upcoming events that will take place in the next week that are of particular interest to Appleseed.  Please review this list and let me know if you are available to volunteer to assist with any or all of these.

Feb. 20 -- Iceman Field Shoot

This is not a work event, this is an invitation to have as much as possible.  This event gives you a opportunity to hone your Rifleman skills by engaging pop-up targets at ranges from 200-500 yards.  I've been to one, and it was the best day I've ever had in my shooting life.  Cost is $45, and proceeds go to range upkeep, so no breaks for instructors.  But it's worth it.

Feb. 20-21 -- Yanceyville Appleseed Shoot

We've pretty well got this one covered, with txpirate as Shoot Boss and bulkhead and Karl2500 as IIT's.  Also, Spanner from WV will be assisting on Sunday.

Feb. 20-21 -- Charlotte Gun Show

I could use some volunteers from the local area to help out here.  I know this is a short-notice event, but I'd like us to put in an appearance.  Anyone who's available, step up on this.

Feb. 21-28 -- Ramseur Rifleman Boot Camp

We've also got this one pretty well staffed, although all but Iron Pony are Border Raiders (gasp)!!  Seriously, an RBC is a wonderful experience, and I'd recommend it both as someone who entered the instructor ranks through one, and someone who has been an instructor for a boot camp class.  If nothing else, head on out there some evening to converse with instructors from other states to compare notes.  You'd be amazed at what you can learn by interacting with AS instructors from other areas of the country.

Feb. 27 -- Campaign for Liberty Event "A Federal Case"

This will be an event held in Raleigh and all the event info can be found at this link:

I need a couple of folks from the Raleigh area to volunteer to work a very small table (I'm told it will be about four feet in length) at this event from 1:00 to 5:00 pm on Saturday the 27th.  Simple deal:  Hand out flyers, talk to people of like interests, and generally promote Appleseed at a Campaign for Liberty event, with whom we will be working more and more this year, I expect.

Feb. 27-28 -- Ramseur Appleseed Shoot

Again, this event is pretty well staffed up.  Good experience for new IIT's, though.

March 6-7 -- Gaston, SC Appleseed Shoot

I've received a special request from the Acting State Coordinator for South Carolina to provide a couple of Red Hats and as many Orange Hats as need experience to attend this shoot.  He's expecting a big crowd, and as some of you know, he's the acting SC because he's the only Red Hat in South Carolina!
We need to do our best to help him out, so I will be going down myself with whoever else will also agree to help out.

March 13-14 -- Yanceyville Instructor Boot Camp

As a result of last Saturday's Instructor meeting in Greeensboro (AAR to follow!), it has been requested that I schedule an IBC.  Tentatively, I have arranged for an IBC (through my various agents) to be held at our location in Yanceyville on the 13th-14th of March.  I would encourage everyone who is interested in becoming an IIT to attend this event, as well as existing IIT's who want to advance.  This will be a rare two-day event, as these usually extend into three days of instruction.  I've got two Red Hat volunteers, txpirate and me, so far.  I'll need a Shoot Boss or Senior Instructor to honcho this deal, so if you know one who's available, pass this on.  And I'll need as many IIT's who can get there, be they from Virginia, North Carolina, or anywhere else.

After this, there's the 20-21 March Appleseed at Yanceyville and the 27-28 March Appleseed in Ramseur.  Still more opportunities to flex those newly-acquired skills!  IIT's, please look at your schedule and PM Nickle with your availability for these, or any other, Appleseeds. 

That's the list, folks.  These are the things we need to see to before April our 17-18 events.  Reply with your availabilities and preferences as soon as possible.  Thanks!

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