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So You are going to an Appleseed! Here's what you need to know.

Started by Grin Reaper, June 05, 2007, 01:45:57 AM

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Grin Reaper

How to Prepare for an Event

Not everything listed here is necessary. This list was compiled from the experience of those who have attended an Appleseed. It includes those things that did or would have made their experience more enjoyable. Remember that you need to bring whatever it takes to learn to shoot better.

The lists below are a general guide. This post is rifle-centric, but there is good pistol information here too.  Be sure to download the attached guide for your particular event!

Also be aware that you do not have to bring the perfect rifle.  If nothing else, please get a GI Sling put on your rifle.  Scopes or open sights are OK - but if you struggle to keep the front sight in focus, recommend a scope for your rifle. Any rifle is OK - bring what you have, so long as it is safe and in good working condition.

If you need a 'loaner' rifle we may be able to help, just email us at:

Personal Items for the Event
Item25m EventRimfire KDKnown DistanceAppleseed Pistol Clinic
*A Teachable AttitudeXXXX
*Ear protectionXXXX
*Eye protectionXXXX
Shooting mat or equivalentXXX
Elbow padsRRR
Weather-appropriate attireXXXX
Closed-toe shoes XXXX
Weather-appropriate hatXXXX
Sufficient waterXXXX
Trail mix/high-protein snacksRRRR
Light, high-protein lunchXXXX
Folding chairRRRR
Wet wipesRRRR
Sunscreen and bug sprayRRRR
Small notebook & pencilXXXX
Sharpie to mark targetsRRRR

Rifle-specific Items for the Event
Item25m EventRimfire KDKnown DistanceAppleseed Pistol Clinic
Rifle (see download for details)XXX
Quality Pistol or Revolver (see download for details)X
Either iron sights or scope.XXX
Rifle Ammo (2-days/1-day)400/200450/250400/200
Pistol Ammo (2-days/1-day)500/250
Two magazines (spares are nice to have)XXXX
Four speed loaders (revolvers only)X
USGI style cotton web sling, 1 ¼" wide  XXX
Sight adjustment tool All - if applicable
Firearm cleaning kit and oilRRRR
Trash bag and light-colored towelRRRR
Pushpins or a staple gun & staples XXXX
Firearm operator's manual & sight/scope manual, if you have themRRRR
Case for rifle or pistolRRRR

Ready your equipment
1.  Be prepared for blowing sand and dust, rain, mud - all those weather conditions a rifleman would have to generally put up with.
2.  In event of blowing sand and dust, you'll need to totally degrease your rifle. Any lube should be a dry lube, like graphite. Be ready to protect your rifle with a plastic rifle bag or a simple waterproof wrap for the action.
3.  Be ready to protect ammo and mags from the same weather. Ziplock bags are great for this.
4.  Again, be prepared. You should function-test your rifle and, if possible, have it zeroed for 25 meters or 200 yards. You can also adjust your sights so your group prints 3" above point of aim at 100 yds, and mark your sights with paint, magic marker, or fingernail polish. Doing so will leave you properly sighted for the 25m AQT.

Downloadable How to Prepare Guides
How to Prepare – Appleseed Pistol Clinic
How to Prepare – Known Distance
How to Prepare – Rimfire KD
How to Prepare – 25m Rifle
How to Assemble a Liberty Training Rifle
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