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Illinois State Rifle Association
« on: July 27, 2009, 12:18:04 AM »
A thought from a newbie. I was looking at the calendar on the ISRA website today, and I noticed something. There are at least four upcoming Appleseed events in Illinois that are not listed there. In fact the events in Bristol Wisconsin have better promotion with the Illinois State Rifle Association than the Illinois events do.

I believe all you have to do to be posted on the calendar is send their admin the event information. I also know events have been held at the ISRA range. There are probably ways to take a partnership even deeper. I realize event promotion in general is a lot harder than most people think it is for all kinds of reasons, but this should be a natural fit.

Just a thought.

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Re: Illinois State Rifle Association
« Reply #1 on: July 27, 2009, 12:54:42 AM »
You are spot on! 

Garand69 is the IL State Coordinator, he may have contacts there, perhaps in the works.

Also, others in IL may be in communication with them about posting the events.

I say give them a day or so to reply, ensure you are not crowding in on an effort already in progress, then I say RUN WITH IT!

At the very least, if the ISRA is reluctant to post the events, having several folks calling/sending messages asking for the events to be listed may be a way to demonstrate interest. 

Good work! 

Each States Shooter's associations should be natural partners in promoting Appleseed, we bring new people to the ranges and get new folks involved in the shooting sports within the state.

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