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How to Register for your Appleseed Event
« on: July 29, 2009, 05:04:58 PM »
So you have decided to attend an Appleseed Shoot?  Congratulations!  You are joining the ranks of thousands of Americans who have experienced the fastest growing American Heritage and Rifle Marksmanship program in the nation.

Registration is extremely easy.

First, find the event that you desire to attend.  This can be achieved by either going to the National Schedule (organized by date), or by visiting the interactive National Map (organized by location).

Once you have found your event, it is time to register!  You have a few options.

Option 1)  From the National Schedule, click on the "Register" link next to the date and location of your event.

Option 2) From the National Map, zoom in to your area, click on the blue button representing your event, and click on the "Registration and Information" link.

Clicking on that link will take you to your shoot's Event Information Page (EIP).  At the bottom of the EIP, you will click on a registration link for your desired date.

Option 3) You may mail in your registration through the USPS.  Once you have found your Appleseed event's information, you can use the Register by Mail link.

PLEASE NOTE:  RWVA cannot be held responsible for registrations which are not received due to a US Postal system failure to deliver or for registrations received too late.  Please mail your registration information and fees early and send a Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope  or an Email address if you wish confirmation of receipt and additional information.

Option 4)  You may "Walk On" and register at the door.

We do allow "walk on" registration at our Appleseed Shoots.  Note that a "walk on" participant will not be able to take advantage of the discounted fees applied for attendees that pre-register.  The fee for a "walk on" attendee is $80 for the full weekend or $50 for one day.  We only accept cash at the door and can not accept credit cards or checks on the day of the event.   Also, "walk ons" are allowed on a space available basis.   If the event is sold out, there may not be room for you on the firing line.   We will do everything within our power to get you on the firing line, but sometimes it is not feasible.  

If during registration, the system is telling you that the event is Sold Out, we hope to see you attending another nearby Appleseed or the next date for your desired location.  There is no need to contact Appleseed to see if there is "room for you", the registration system has the most up to date and accurate information, this is where we will look.  Also, remember that you can help us bring an Appleseed event to you!  If you help find a suitable 25 meter firing line and safe backstop, we can provide everything else needed.    

As you can see, there are benefits for you to register through our secure online system as soon as you are able.  However, there are also benefits to the rest of the Appleseed attendees.  RWVA uses the pre-registration numbers to schedule enough Instructors and supplies (e.g. targets, information packets, T-shirts, etc.) for your event to be a success.  If you decide to "walk on", we may be short of materials or Instructors.  

Your Appleseed Instructors are looking forward to meeting you and sharing in a fun-filled and family-friendly weekend of Heritage and Traditions which are as old as our nation.  Thank you for attending!
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Re: How to Register for your Appleseed Shoot
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