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How to Register for your Appleseed Event

Started by Appleseed, July 29, 2009, 05:04:58 PM

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So you have decided to attend an Appleseed Shoot?  Congratulations!  You are joining the ranks of thousands of Americans who have experienced the fastest growing American Heritage and Rifle Marksmanship program in the nation.

Registration is extremely easy.

First, find the event that you desire to attend.  This can be achieved by either going to the National Schedule map

Click the state you wish to browse, which will give you a list of upcoming events and locations.  To the right, you'll see the type of event, the Register link, and a more Info link.

Click on "Register" next to the event you want to attend.  It'll take you to a sign-up page where you can register and pay. 

You may "Walk On" and register at the door.  The fees are the same.  We only accept cash or personal check (made out to RWVA) at the door.  We cannot accept credit cards on the day of your event.   Also, "walk-ons" are welcome on a space available basis.   If the event is sold out, there may not be room for you on the firing line.   We will do everything within our power to get you on the firing line, but sometimes it is not feasible. 

As you can see, it's best to register through our secure online system as soon as you are able.  However, there are also benefits to the rest of the Appleseed attendees. 

Your Appleseed Instructors are looking forward to meeting you and sharing in a fun-filled and family-friendly weekend of marksmanship, history, and traditions which are as old as our nation.  Thank you for attending!