We need volunteers in sales, marketing, PR, IT, and general "running of an organization." 
Maximize your Appleseed energy to make this program grow, and help fill the empty spots
on the firing line!  An hour of time spent at this level can have the impact of ten or a
hundred hours on the firing line.  Want to help? Send a PM to Monkey!

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Can *I* help Appleseed succeed in Florida?

Started by ItsanSKS, July 18, 2009, 05:43:25 PM

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Appleseed has the potential to ensure that Florida remains one of the best states in the union, but we are not living up to our potential.  Much like an above-average student who gets lazy, Project Appleseed in FL has seemingly reached a plateau, and we've still got a LOT of work to get done. 

The reason that nothing is getting done, is that there are too few people who have stepped up to do *something*.  Whether for fear of not being 'good enough' at it, or for fear of failure, I know not.  

Right now, we've got a team of about a half-dozen volunteers committed to doing something.  With as many folks as attend our events, and with as many events as we've got on our schedule for 2010, we need LOTS more people working toward our common goals.

I have compiled a list of the EASIEST jobs that someone fresh to Appleseed can start working on.  If you would like to begin working on any of the tasks below, PM me, and I'll get you started.  If you are doing something else, PM with that info, so I know what your up to, and I'll help in any way I can.  

1) Local Promotions:  
 a) Gun/Sports Shops
 b) Gun shows
 c) Grocery Stores and Wal-marts
 d)  Community Centers:  VFW, American Legions, Mason Halls, Church, work,
 e) Barber shops
 f) Local colleges, universities.  Be sure to look for shooting programs on campus, they can be good partners in this effort!
 g) Auto dealers, motorcycle dealers, surfboard dealers (gotta think of Ca.)
 h) Assisted Living communities-Retirement homes
 I) Fire Stations, Police Stations, Union halls, Volunteer fire departments, trade centers
 j)  Non-sponsoring gun clubs- Normally pistol/shotgun only ranges, sometimes indoors.
 k)  Book stores/magazine racks.  Slide them inside gun magazines, as "inserts", be smart about it.
 l)  All Military installations, Guard base, Armory, Regular base, USO
 m) Auto parts and Farm supply stores
 n) BLM, DNR, Fish and Wildlife offices
 o) Local fitness/wellness programs and centers. YMCA, YWCA, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Gold's Gym, etc.

2)  Internet Liason
 a) Spreads the word to other internet forums-,, etc.
 b) Community Calendars for surrounding towns/cities
 c) GOA Event announcements--Other Press Release sites (free service)
 d)  Send announcements to your friends/family in your address book, ask them to forward it to those in their address book.
 e) Sends notices via Twitter, facebook, myspace, and other social networking sites.

3)  State-Wide Organization Liason.
 a)  State Shooter's associations
 b)  State gun rights political groups:  Conceal carry, 2A groups, Campaign for Liberty, Democrats/Republican (must do both or neither)
 c)  Boy Scouts:  Local troops
 d)  4H:  Local chapters.
 e)  DAR/SAR chapters
 f)  Four Wheeler groups, mud/ridge runner groups

4)  Local Boots on the Ground:
 a)  ensure host ranges have plenty of flyers and they are hung up
 b)  ensure host ranges have event posted on their website/calendar
 c)  ensure host ranges have listed the event in club News letter
 d)  "advertise" at club for help with local promotions for this event, to get others to help distribute flyers in the community

5) Media Relations
a) informs local media outlets of upcoming events
b) provides press-releases to print, television and radio.
c) makes themselves available for interview
"Those who would trade an ounce of liberty for an ounce of safety deserve neither."

"To save us both time in the future... how about you give me the combo to your safe and I'll give you the pin number to my bank account..."


Folks, I really need some help here.  You see, we've got numerous events coming fast, and we've got no-one to help promote *any* of them.  I've prepared a short press release that can be modified for each event; I've prepared fliers for the individual events, as well as a flier that covers all currently scheduled events.  I've created a "Testimonials" page, that explains, in the words of our attendees, what one of our events is *really* like. 

All I need you to do, is print these out, and start getting them into the hands of your fellow Americans. 
Post the fliers at your local gun shops; ask the local community radio if they'll run a spot advertising our events; send the press release below to the local papers. 

These are easy to do, and have the potential of reaching hundreds, if not thousands, of participants.

If you can take 20 minutes of your time to see one of these tasks through to fruition, please send me a PM.  I'll make sure you have all the tools at your disposal that you may need.

Thank You,


Press Release:
QuoteThe Appleseed Project is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that teaches rifle marksmanship clinics nationwide and they are coming to the ____________ area, on (enter date of event here). They teach the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship and couple this with American Revolutionary War History, teaching the heritage of what rifle marksmanship meant at the founding of our country. They take American rifle owners and turn them into American Riflemen, show you the difference and teach you why that's important. The Appleseed Project is a family friendly event, with women, children under 21 years of age, and current members of the armed services attending free.

To learn more, visit their web site:
"Those who would trade an ounce of liberty for an ounce of safety deserve neither."

"To save us both time in the future... how about you give me the combo to your safe and I'll give you the pin number to my bank account..."



Chances are, you live near a range that would be suitable for an Appleseed.  

When you feel like peeling yourself off the couch and actually DOING something, take that opportunity to visit your local range, pass out a few of the 'free targets' (attached below), collect the contact information for the club officers, and start talking with the folks there- let them know what we are about, what we're not about, and how we can help them.  The hardest part of this is going to be convincing the range that we are not some 'right-wing militia training organization'- and as you know, nothing could be further from our mission.  

I've attached a copy of the 'elevator speech' as prepared by 'Bob210'; study this, and start practicing your delivery.  

I've also attached a range evaluation form, which will establish whether or not the range would be suitable for an event.  

So, when you're ready, take a visit to your local range, and see if they are interested in having us for a weekend.  If they seem 'on the fence' offer them free admission to an event of their choosing- we'd be glad to have them- they just have to contact me prior to attending.

Eric "ItsanSKS" McCabe
Florida State Coordinator
Phone:(813)385-3968 (mon-fri, 4pm-9pm)
"Those who would trade an ounce of liberty for an ounce of safety deserve neither."

"To save us both time in the future... how about you give me the combo to your safe and I'll give you the pin number to my bank account..."


Folks.......It's gettin' easier and easier.....I attended a junior smallbore shoot today...I approached the range officer and he knew who I was and asked why I hadn't contacted them earlier.... They've been hearin' about Appleseed from past attendees and see Appleseed as a venue to bring new shooters to the line...They'd love to have 40 new shooters at the range...Expect an announcement for the upcoming shoots at Wolverton Range soon...

A year ago I couldn't get a second glance from these same folks.... Go Figure...Appleseed ...good for shooters...good for ranges...Appleseed

"Appleseed,  putting the second amendment into the hands of American citizens."     -Mrs. Wheeler

"We intend to produce men who are able to light a fire for Liberty in men's minds, and make them the finest rifle marksmanship instructors on the planet."   -Son of Martha


Wheeler- you're absolutely correct.  Sooner or later, ranges will contact *us* about hosting an Appleseed event.  Until then, we must continue doing the leg work. 

Just this weekend, I visited a new-to-me range, spent a few hours on their firing line, then talked with one of their board members.  After a 15 minute conversation, he agreed to bring it up at their next board meeting.  Now, I'm not expecting them to jump on board with just a 15 minute talk, but that was all it took to 'plant the seed' as it were.  A few more hurdles, and this range (half an hours' drive from Tampa) will be in the bag.

You never know how a range will react, until you ask.  If they have questions that you can't, or don't feel comfortable answering, refer them to me- that's my job.
"Those who would trade an ounce of liberty for an ounce of safety deserve neither."

"To save us both time in the future... how about you give me the combo to your safe and I'll give you the pin number to my bank account..."

bob 210

Elevator speech. BTT                      Look at first post downloads
If ye love wealth better than liberty,the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom,go home from us.We ask not your counsels or arms.Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you.May your chains set lightly upon you and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen. SA