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Homestead, FL. Patriots Day Shoot April 13-14, 2024

Started by Alarm Lister, April 15, 2024, 09:44:14 PM

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Alarm Lister

What a GREAT weekend in south Florida and a FANTASTIC Patriots Day shoot!!!!  Weather was perfect and the Homestead Training center was welcoming and supportive as always.
We had 9 shoots with 5 returning Appleseed shooters and 4 NEW Appleseed shooters.
To support the weekend's event we had 9 Instructors, which provide a great Shooter to instructor ratio.

Success was amazing!!  By the end of day, Sunday we had 4 brand new, first time Riflemen and Riflewomen to add to the ranks.
Yvonne scored twice with a 210 and a 213.  CJ hung in there with his AR and punched out a 214.  Kelly persevered and refused to give up and knocked out her last AQT with a 219 refusing to give up.  Finally Derek hit Rifleman with his first AQT with a 210 but continued to improve for a final score of 220!!

For all four shooters, this was their very first Rifleman's patch and all were grinning from ear to ear along with every Instructor!!

All of our Shooters exhibited tremendous improvement throughout the weekend and all were in the range of low 190's up to 205.  All with-in striking distance and ready to come back again.

The Instructors also excelled and gave everything they had.  A Great Big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to SweetCarolyn for successfully completing a flawless execution on her test out for graduation to a full Instructor and receiving her coveted Red Hat.  Our Orange Hats, Shaz, Quartermaster, Anyone But Dallas all made significant progress with several of them earning promotions themselves on the journey to obtaining their Red Hat.  And just to round out the success of the weekend, Fenix stepped up after receiving her Rifleman's patch and took on a bright, shiny new Orange hat.

Thank you again to the Homestead Training Center for hosting our event and to all the shooters that dedicated their weekend to help celebrate this year's Patriot Day's Shoot....... HUZZAH!!!

Be sure and check out all of the great pictures of the event..
Always remember, keep your C7H4O+KNO3+S dry and your precious metals (Steel, Brass & Lead) handy!
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Such an excellent weekend, was very touching to hear all of the names being read; it was an honor to be able to spend this weekend with all of you and qualify!! Especially on patriots day weekend, can't wait to begin the orange hat journey! Thank you all for your amazing support and guidance. Another fabulous Appleseed in the books!!


I always enjoy Patriot's day shoots! This one is memorable as we got to see SweetCarolyn take the Red Hat! Almost half of the Shooters took Rifleman patches! Congrats to Fenix for stepping up and accepting her orange hat!

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Anyone But Dallas

An absolutely amazing weekend from the fantastic group of students we had to the amazing instructors.
BIG congrats to sweetcarolyn and felix on their accomplishments this weekend
This was my first patriots day shoot and hearing the names called during the volley was very humbling.
I am so happy I found Appleseed and am excited to continue on this journey.  :F


This was my first Patriots Day shoot (so emotional)and my first 2-day event and it was amazing. My fellow students were so persistent and friendly and the instructors were very helpful and welcoming. I'm looking forward to improving as a marksmen by attending more Appleseed events. Thank u all :F
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Miss Conduct

It was a great weekend. Students were awesome, instructors were fantastic and the weather was beautiful. Congratulations to the 4 new Rifleman and women and a big thank you to Fenix for stepping up to take an Orange Hat. She'll be a great asset to the Appleseed family. Alarm Lister did an excellent job leading the Patriot day program with support from a great group of instructors. Everyone should feel proud for their contribution to the amazing weekend.

Thank you all.
Miss Conduct
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Mynameisearl. Thank u for including the JA quote. I was going to try and find it today and now don't have to. Huzzah!!
Fragile like a bomb💣
Not like a flower 🌺


I am happy to say that I will be joining in on the next Appleseed and be bringing my wife along.
This weekend was an experience and I will share it with as many people as I can!
Wonderful to have met such a great team and the knowledge everyone has to guide people in this manner is exceptional.
I appreciate everyone!
Thank you. :snipersmi
PS. finger pains from loading was well worth it!


Congratulations to the new Riflemen/women!

Welcome aboard Fenix.  I look forward to working with you ata future shoot.

SweetCarolyn - nice job on that redhat.  Well deserved!!