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McMinnville TN Apr 13 - 14, 2024 AAR

Started by ArmyVet, April 15, 2024, 05:40:00 PM

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14 Shooters joined us for a beautiful weekend of heritage and marksmanship at Mountain Top Gun and Archery Range. Many thanks to our gracious hosts - Mountain Top has been an outstanding supporter of Project Appleseed for years.

Ramblin' Wreck got us in the right frame of mind with a spirited rendition of the 1st Strike and then it was time for safety and a hits count target. It didn't take long for the time monkey to make an appearance in the form of equipment issues but we managed to recover well. After instruction on the 6 steps of firing the shot, NPOA, and the prone position our shooters impressed with all having 8 MOA or smaller groups on the very first square! Lunch brought us Booney Stomper and the 2nd Strike along with Inches-Minutes-Clicks. It took a few squares to ensure all were adjusted properly and we moved on to more instruction ending the day with stage 3 and stage 2 completed. The evening Hits Count told the tale with great improvement.

Sunday started with the impressive story of Prudence Cummings-Wright demonstrating that YES one person can make a difference. The morning Hits Count was even more impressive after a night of rest. We confirmed zeros and our shooters learned the art of coaching during the Ball & Dummy exercise.

The standing position was next and we went right into the first AQT.

At his 1st Appleseed event, and 1st AQT, Calob scored 225! He would later follow this up with scores of 237 and 234. An impressive debut  O0

Adam got on the scoreboard soon after with dual scores of 223, also at his 1st Appleseed.

Jeff finished the day with a 218 - again his 1st Appleseed.

At 3pm, we collectively honored the fallen with the Memorial Volley and the reading of the name of those Americans killed on April 19, 1775. Our shooters were presented with their Patriots Day commemorative patches.

Many thanks to a wonderful cadre of volunteers. Instructors in Training BlueBird, Navy Doc, and SignalShooter42 each performed well and earned promotion to IIT1.

Some pictures:

special_K making sure IMC is understood by all

Booney Stomper is recognized for 11 years of dedicated service to Project Appleseed. Thanks for your commitment!  :beer:
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