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Annapolis, MD April 13-14 AAR

Started by Agent711, April 15, 2024, 04:53:30 PM

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We gathered in Annapolis, Maryland to celebrate Patriots Day. Sixteen shooters in all, half sharing the same last name reminding us of Captain Parker's militia that stood on Lexington green in the early morning of the April 19th 1775. Some young and some old, friends, fathers and sons, husbands and wives we had them all. And I cannot help but notice the increased number of participants this weekend climbed, requiring relays to fit everyone on the line.

Like every 25 meter event, the Hits Count target was used to gauge participant's abilities prior to any instruction. Three shooters proved right out the gate that they possess the skills of a rifleman clearing their target. Several others were able to hit the shingle. Instruction was provided and much of the morning was filled practicing the steps to firing every shot while our veterans of past Appleseeds focused on analyzing their own shot groups along with perfecting their skills.

Following a busy and productive morning, it was time for lunch. I was happy to present the historic events that transpired that fateful morning of April 19,1775 to this group. Each participant was given a character card introducing a colonist that experienced the events to imagine if they were in their shoes. By the end of the Appleseed, participants learned the fate of the their colonist and the circumstances in which they died or survived.

We then learned the best seated and standing positions with discussion of why these positions are useful when a prone position is not possible in the field. Time was well spent throughout the evening practicing these positions while continuing the journey to work on the fundamentals including natural point of aim, trigger squeeze and building the steadiest hold factors with the aid of slings alone. Our newest shooters recognized the benefit of the training and the fact that these skills will carry over to any other discipline of shooting.

The Second Strike of the match, covering Colonel Smith's light infantry and grenadier efforts to execute General Gauge's orders to "seize and distroy all artillery, ammunition, provisions " in Concord was presented. Participants learned of the American colonists marksmanship skills applied at the North Bridge and the sacrifices of such Patriots as Isaac Davis.

With a renewed sense of pride, shooters channeled their feelings of pride to give it their all while engaging another Hits Count target. Five shooters cleared their target and three others were able to hit the shingle. I'm certain Daniel Morgan would be proud as I am.

Sunday opened with a review of safety and another four clearing the Hit Count target. We practiced transitioning from standing to seated and prone positions in the morning before attempting a practice AQT. The Third Strike was presented during lunch and several more examples of the colonist's sacrifices to preserve our freedom were explored.

Several AQTs were conducted providing shooters additional practice honing their marksmanship skills and maximizing the opportunity to earn their Rifleman qualification. A break in the afternoon was dedicated to sharing Prudence Wright's role to save her town and sharing the fates of the characters provided on the cards at the beginning of the event. This was followed by a passionate reading of the Bloody Butchery and solemn memorial volley recognizing the Patriots who gave their lives on April 19th, 1775. Patriots Day patches were awarded and a moment of silence was observed.

After the final Hits Count target was completed, the scores were tallied. Every shooter made significant improvement over the course of the weekend. One shooter said - I thought I knew how to shoot, but Appleseed really taught me how to shoot good. Every one of these shooters proved they know what they are about and are well on the path to Rifleman.

I want to recognize the following shooters for their accomplishments.
These shooters earned the coveted Immortal 400 for clearing their Hits Count Target:
Joshua W.
Rhys H.
John G. Sr
John G. Jr
Matt G.
Michael G.

These shooters earned their Rifleman qualification:
Steven G. - 218
Rhys H. - 222
Joshua W. - 217
John G. Sr - 221, 227
John G. Jr - 210
Matt G. - 230
Paul G. - 229, 226

Many thanks to our Maryland volunteers who unselfishly dedicated their time to making this year's Patriots Day event the best it could be. CatGravity, Off_paper, Liberty Boy, k3, CSM00, WhyWon - Great job!

Thanks to our host range, Anne Arundel Fish & Game, for continuing to support Project Appleseed!


What a great weekend that was. Not o ly was it great to shoot with my three kids, two sons and a daughter, it was awesome to see their progress throughout the weekend. We had an ammo issue with their rifles at the end of the 2nd day, but they stayed the course and finished the weekend strong. Thanks to all the instructors and all the other non G-family members. It's always great to go shooting with family, but creating new friends along the way makes the days better! Excellent work everyone!!!  :snipersmi