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Parma ID, April 13/14, 2024 AAR

Started by Prescott, April 15, 2024, 02:48:58 PM

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What a glorious Anniversary weekend we all shared.  The temperatures were unseasonably warm and this warmed the spirits and opened everyone hearts and minds.

We had a good distribution of age groups, from 15 – 72 years old.  The younger group made for a fun and invigorating weekend, but I enjoyed spending time with everyone at the event.  The shooters were very attentive to the marksmanship instructional sets as well as the history presentations.  Some comments were made about the quality of the history presentation.  Most people have been taught very little about the events of April 19th, and the shooters liked the details of history presentations.

Congratulation to all the new and repeat rifleman.  The number of shooters earning their rifleman patches shows how they brought their teachable attitudes to the event and adopted the marksman techniques that they were taught.  This event produced seven new rifleman and also had two rifleman requalify their rifleman scores.  Zach, Ben, Dylan, Jake, Megan, Grant and Issac P all earned their patch this weekend.  Two of our youngest shooters were able to shoot rifleman at their first event.  Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah.  In addition, Richard and Matigan requalified their rifleman scores.  Richard shot his score with a borrowed open sighted Ruger 10/22.  Matigan put on a marksmanship display by shooting multiple designated rifleman scores.

For those that did not earn their patch, remember, persistence is a characteristic of a rifleman.  By performing dry practice on the comfort of your living room carpet, you can perfect the skills learned this weekend.  A laser pointer can help identify any issues with trigger control, steady hold factors and NPOA shifts.  The more NPOA shifts are practiced, the more natural they become.

The rimfire KD event (50 – 200 yards) is scheduled for October 5/6 at the Parma range.  The instructor crew surveyed the range on Sunday evening, and developed a plan to construct a target line at 400 yards.  This will allow for a centerfire KD event (100 - 400 yards) to be held at the range.  I will proposed a few dates to the Parma board to see if approval for this event can be obtained.

Hope to see everyone on the Appleseed trail again.
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Three HUZZAHS to our favorite Seventh Stepper, Matigan! At this event, her sister Meghan and her fiancé Grant became Riflemen. Her friends Richard and Isaac P. are both "re-quals". She brought 2 other friends this time - she previously brought her future sister-in-law Ethnea (Rifleman) and one other friend.

I've tried to fill our line with our 4-H students (Meghan is one, Matigan used to be), but for filling the line, Matigan has got me beat by a mile!
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