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Gladstone VA April 13th, 2024 1 Day Rifle Clinic

Started by BrotherPilot, April 14, 2024, 05:58:07 PM

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A wonderful day!  Our 4 turned into 7 just a couple days before turned into 10 students the day before the shoot.  Thank you all, VERY much for setting aside a day to come and learn of the start of the Revolutionary War and the individuals who risked so very much for us, and to learn something of marksmanship.  A special thank you to Carl for bringing his boys and to Von for bringing Franklin.  A "longest drive" award to Andrew...3 hours.  Oof.  Thank you for your dedication!  We'll work on getting some shoots closer to you soon, I hope!

We saw very good improvement from the students as seen in the beginning and ending Red Coats.  And congratulations to Carl, our newest Riflemen with a 215.  Several others are VERY close to earning their patch. 

I look forward to seeing each of you at one of our clinics again soon!
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So here some are...

Jay teaching Inches, Minutes, Clicks (IMC)

Jay teaching IMC pic II

OK  - let's check our zero...

The youth shooters at Gladstone  - Franklin, Jadon & Will. Hope to see you on the range again.

Our newest Rifleman! Congratulations Carl!!  Huzzah!!!
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