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Palm bay, FL, April 13, 2024 AAR

Started by TheMenace, April 13, 2024, 09:18:16 PM

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It was a beautiful day for a Patriot Day fun shoot for instructors in the vicinity of Palm Bay. Twelve showed up but only ten shot. bill o rites arrived in a sling and assured us he was not trying to handicap his performance. ScubaSteve, our State Coordinator visited us to praise the crew's efforts and encourage them to share their expertise with the other venues in the state. After opening remarks and the safety briefing, we got down to shooting. Of the ten shooting, seven shot the shingle and two cleared the Redcoat target. Some rust needed to be burnished.

We followed the One-day COF and because of the proficiency level of the participants, we were able to speed through the academics and focus on skills. We heard some inspirational history at breaks and made good use of our time. We observed the Memorial Volley honoring the Patriots who gave all on April 19th, 1775.

By the end, everyone had requalified Rifleman. Prizes were awarded for high scores with centerfire and rimfire. CrimsonGuardJay took the trophy created by B.C for high Centerfire with a Distinguished score of 243. Trident was hot on his tail with an honorable mention and a Distinguished patch at 242. Evil_G was our top-scoring rimfire Rifleman with a 237.

As always, Port Malabar Rifle & Pistol Club is an awesome venue for shooting.

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Looks like a fun time, I think we all need to take a shooting weekend for ourselves occasionally.   
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Looks awesome! Wish we could have been there!


Awesome event! Thanks Dennis (The Menace) and Dave (Sieggie) for doing the leg work to make it happen.


Great time!!  Thanks Sieggie and Dennis for putting on a fun shoot.  We need to do this more often  ;D