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Columbiana, AL AAR - April 6-7 2024

Started by Maximum Ordinate, April 11, 2024, 11:26:40 AM

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Maximum Ordinate

It was perfect spring weekend in Alabama!  Project Appleseed returned to the Shelby County Sherrif's Department range in Columbiana.  We are incredibly grateful to Sherrif Samaniego and Deputy John Baggett for their support and hospitality.

We gathered early Saturday morning.  After everyone introduced themselves, AnthonyB told the First Strike of the Match.  Then we jumped into safety, the Hits Count target, and lots of drills and other lessons.  Just before lunch, we shot our first square and the groups were looking excellent!

At lunch, Hardholder shared the Second Strike.  After a well-deserved rest, we back into the marksmanship grind.  We adjusted a few rifles and things were going well.  Savage22 told the Third Strike.  We had some excellent questions from the shooters - which is always a joy.  After some more time on the line, the sun began to take it's toll on everyone so we wrapped up about five!

The instructors gathered by the grill for our instructor meeting.  OnlyNonScout was our awesome grillmeister!  NY strips were donated to the cause, and everyone brought stuff for the potluck.

Sunday morning came all too soon.  We started off with the tale of heroine Captain Prudence Wright and reviewed yesterday's lessons.  It was a great morning with Ball & Dummy, some additional drills, and an opportunity for the kids to fire a clip of ammo through an M1 Garand!

We finished an AQT before lunch.  During lunch, we gathered in the bleachers and learned about Known Distance Shooting.  We completed a couple more AQTs.  Savage22's son, Jason, earned his Rifleman patch with a 213!  Dirk was verrry close.  (Hey man, you're gonna get there really soon!)

It was an absolute joy to have Jason, Lee, and Sara Helen on the line.  Thanks to each of you for coming out!

At 3pm, AnthonyB led us through the Patriot's Day Memorial Volley.  Thirteen solemn rounds fired to remember the fallen of April 19th, 1775.  We gathered for a few final words and then broke to clean up and head home. 

On behalf of my fellow instructors, thank you for the opportunity to serve you the SCSO range.  I hope that you continue to pursue excellence in your marksmanship.  Please know, the ultimate compliment you can extend to us is to come back to another Project Appleseed weekend and bring a friend!

in Liberty,

P.S.  I got some pictures of our event.  If you took pics, feel free to share them here!

"... the most valuable of all talents, that of never using two words where one will do."
-Thomas Jefferson

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Known Distance Qualified: Talladega, AL 12-3-16 - 45/50; Distinguished 49/50 - Talladega, AL 12-8-19
Instructor Boot Camp: Toccoa, GA 7-13, 8-15; Pelham, TN 2-14, 2-16; Columbiana, AL 2-15; Canton, GA 2-18, 1-19, 2-20, 2-21, 3-22, 2-23, 1-24
Shoot Boss Boot Camp and Liberty Seminar: Toccoa, GA 8-14 & Canton, GA 1-19

Pistol Instructor Boot Camp: South Huntsville, AL 5-20; Canton, GA 1-21, 2-24
Pistol Qualified: Spencer, TN 4-10-21
Charter Pistol Instructor Boot Camp: Antioch, TN 2-22 & Canton, GA 1-23


Many thanks to all of the instructors involved--we had an excellent and very productive time, thanks to your efforts and expertise.  The kids are already eager for another opportunity to get out on the range and apply what they learned.


Rastus, it was our pleasure to serve you and your family. Thank you for supporting our mission.

Hope to see all of you on the line soon.


Here are a couple of pictures!  We had a great time.IMG_6995.jpgIMG_7012.JPG