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Barnhart , Mo. April 6-7, 2024

Started by Flintlock54, April 08, 2024, 10:15:51 PM

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Many thanks to the Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club for hosting this event and special thanks to your members who did range setup and manned the gat. I'm looking forward to visiting you again in May

Saturday was a perfect day - clear calm and 14 shooters on the line. We were missing a few Sunday but the remaining the shooters being very engaged. We got in 1 AQT Saturday with  Mike E and Robert scoring 218 and 214 respectively.

Sunday was a bit overcast and windy and we went to work and after some review got in 6 AQT's. Adam soon knocked down a 221,   Mike got in a couple more rifleman scores while Courtney turned in 2- 209's. Robert turned in 5 more rifleman scores in a remarkable performance for an 11 year old.

It truly was a pleasure working with this group of patriots.
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Thank you all for a great Appleseed weekend!


I also appreciate Arnold Rifle & Pistol Club for sharing their range with us!


Look forward to seeing you all again!