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Quarryville, PA AAR , April 6-7, 2024 – Rifle Clinic

Started by Yates, April 08, 2024, 02:21:38 PM

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Special thanks to the Southern Lancaster County Farmers Sportsman's Assn. for hosting us for the umpteenth time.  They donated their entire 100 yard rifle range to us for the weekend, and were very helpful in all aspects of getting ready for the weekend at an Appleseed Rifle Clinic.  And we are headed back there five more times this year alone!

The weather was only tolerable on Saturday (cold and very windy), but cleared up rather nicely on Sunday, with mostly blue skies and not too hot, and we couldn't have asked for a better weekend of marksmanship and heritage!  The shooters all persevered through the firehose of instruction and greatly improved as the weekend progressed.  We worked through the day proceeding from demonstration to dry fire practice to live fire confirmation of our marksmanship instruction, combined with history and heritage.  A few equipment issues were quickly corrected, and although others cropped up throughout the weekend, all were resolved.  Everyone was very receptive to the course of instruction.  History and heritage were well received and there were some great discussions. 

Everyone returned on Sunday and we took advantage of the improved weather, with more drills and sitting practice in the morning (as we can't shoot until noon), and all showed great improvement as the day progressed. By Sunday afternoon everyone had the process down pretty well and we proceeded at a good pace. The Time Monkey stayed off our backs, and several AQT's (including one Rapid Fire AQT) were shot, along with the Memorial Volley at precisely 4:00 pm.  Will showed us all that Standing CAN be the easiest position, thanks to his trap experience.  The shooters showed those pesky Redcoats the strength of our cause on both the AQT and Hits Count Targets, and we have two new Rifleman to add to our cadre, Adam and Ben, and two folks who requalified, Allison and a 249 by Jesse! And four shooters cleared the hits Count Target – Jon, Jesse, Allison and Shawn.  Huzza! 

Thanks to all the shooters and SLCFSA for a great weekend.

Mike, "Yates"


Mike, this is Adam. I didn't even know about the forums until you guys mentioned it on Saturday, figured I'd sign up. Just wanted to let you know again that I had a great time and will definitely be back for another event! Really appreciate what you and all the instructors did for us, I learned a ton and feel like I grew tremendously as a marksman. I also checked all my AQTs when I got home and found out I managed another 211 (or possibly 212-213, few on the line that Jon and I were discussing). Still need to clear the hits Count Target, next time!


Thanks for the compliments.  We had a great time too and look forward to seeing you at the next event.  Hits Count Target here you come!