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Chattanooga TN AAR April 6/7 2024

Started by Cleveland, April 07, 2024, 08:07:11 PM

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12 shooters braved the sub freezing temps this weekend to learn riflemarksmanship and the history of April 19, 1775. Maximum Effort got things started off right with the First Strike of the Match. After the hits count target was scored it was determined a lot of work needed to be done.

After much instruction and dry fire, the groups started to improve.

Corgi Mom told a moving Second Strike and Gator0246 presented the Third Strike.

Huzzah to Lucas for his requal with a 244 and to Drew scoring rifleman with a 241 at his second Appleseed event. He followed it up with a 233 with irons. Perfect Practice makes Prefect.

KMom, Corgi Mom and Special K all easily re-qualified.

Eric, Garrett and Aiden,  will easily shoot rifleman score at your next event. Everyone showed huge improvement all weekend. It was great to see a group of mostly new shooters that had never even shot a rifle before, steadily improve all weekend.

Many thanks to the great crew that came to help with weekend and to Creek's Edge Farm for letting hosting us.


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Rifleman 19April2015
KD Qualified 17Oct2015
Pistoleerâ„¢ 12Dec2020
KD Requal 11Nov2021 50/50
Pistol IBC/Charter Pistol Instructor Antioch 2-22
200y RKD Qualified 14May2022


Known Distance Qualified: Talladega, AL 12-3-16 - 45/50; Distinguished 49/50 - Talladega, AL 12-8-19
Instructor Boot Camp: Toccoa, GA 7-13, 8-15; Pelham, TN 2-14, 2-16; Columbiana, AL 2-15; Canton, GA 2-18, 1-19, 2-20, 2-21, 3-22, 2-23, 1-24
Shoot Boss Boot Camp and Liberty Seminar: Toccoa, GA 8-14 & Canton, GA 1-19

Pistol Instructor Boot Camp: South Huntsville, AL 5-20; Canton, GA 1-21, 2-24
Pistol Qualified: Spencer, TN 4-10-21
Charter Pistol Instructor Boot Camp: Antioch, TN 2-22 & Canton, GA 1-23


Good time had by all. Many thanks to Cleveland and his team. I'm already planning my next event!


Thanks for a fun shoot, Cleveland.

Wileycoyote and Maximum Effort review the seated position

Gator helping out Jeremy.  Nice to see you back, Jeremy.

Our newest TN IIT, SignalShooter42, teams up with Michelle for the Ball & Dummy Drill

Wileycoyote watches over Drew and Eric as they team up for the Ball & Dummy Drill

I love seeing the Kelloggs at shoots together.

Congrats to Drew for scoring Rifleman

Congratulations, Special K!  Thanks for letting me borrow your rifle.

Congratulations, Shannon on getting a rifleman score again

Congrats on requalifying, CorgiMom.
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