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NRA HQ Range, Fairfax, VA 4/2/2024 - Rifle Clinic

Started by BillP_556, April 06, 2024, 04:22:12 PM

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A huge THANK YOU to the NRA for hosting a 1-day rifle clinic on April 2nd, 2024!  14-shooters, twelve of which we're from the Leadership Institute, spent the day learning about the stories of April 19th, 1775 and Rifle Marksmanship as we celebrated Patriots Day!  Special thanks to Jim (Catch 1022) for bringing the loaners and doing an excellent job calling the Patriots Day volley at 4pm!  A huge THANK YOU to Dave (Old Dominion Iron) for telling the stories of Dangerous Women!   Jay (Brother Pilot) did a fantastic job supporting this event with ammo for the students and always being available to assist where needed!

Ed cleared the morning Red Coat! 

Jim Instructing Sling & Prone Position

Jay telling telling the 2nd Strike of the Match during lunch.

Dave observing the students in the seated position.

Dave teaching Inches-Minutes & Clicks (IMC)

Jim reviewing the Bloody Butchery by the British Troops or the Runaway Fight of the Regulars with Jay & Dave.  This was in preparation for the Patriots Day memorial volley held at 4pm!

Congrats to Ed & Alex (High Shooter) who re-qualified as RIFLEMEN!

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I truly miss this range.  Now that I have "a little" more flexibility in taking PTO, I'm gonna figure out to make this work.
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