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AAR Raton 4/18-19
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After the smoke (and dust) cleared....
     I have never seen more determined and persistent, patriotic souls as who attended the Whittington Center AS. These individuals of all ages, men, women, and children persevered against gale force winds and chilling temperatures to make the April 18-19th, 2009 AS at the Whittington Center in Raton, NM a complete success. We can include them in a special group of people in our country that has a spirit contiguous with the Founders of our great Republic. Their spirits aligned as their sights were aligned on the miniscule targets down range, wind howling and dust flying. It was a truly glorious example of the American Will and Heart. Not one whimper. Not one complaint as Mother Nature pummeled them with a continuous bombardment of wind and dust straight up the range into their faces. The spectacular vistas inherent to the area of New Mexico where the Whittington Center is located provided a wonderful distraction to the discomfort of the conditions.
     On Sunday the clouds raced away on their way southward to reveal a magnificent, sunny day. The elk, deer and antelope languished about in the warmth as the sun crested the mesa. Far from balmy for us human creatures, it was a glimmer of hope that the day would be warmer than the previous one. Although the wind continued to present a challenge the sun managed to chase the frigid air along behind the clouds and the day indeed warmed as we continued to accept the challenges of grasping perfect form and discipline. Bluefeather ably wore the Red Hat of ShootBoss and excelled at directing the largest (to date) AS in the state of New Mexico. Bluefeather and TaosGlock proved that the American traditions of leadership and faithfulness to purpose are indeed alive in this country. I am proud to include them in my circle of Friends. With Staplegund and Redneck assisting to herd our flock of aspiring Riflemen through the appropriate COF (course of fire) and critical lessons the "time monkey" was kept at bay. Sarducci proved to be a most practiced "Vanna" while modeling the contortions for a correct, stable rifleman platform. We were regaled with historically relevant personalities and events and kept enthralled with accounts, which are left unmentioned in our current teaching institutions. This brought the lessons being learned into a more intimate and personal light for us all.
 We are Americans who know what we are about.
      At every Appleseed that I have attended I've come away with my sense of liberty polished up just a little more brightly. My soul carries away from these gatherings a higher sense of purpose in day to day life. A seed of confidence and focus is planted in my mind and soul and my heart quickens with a realization that there are more people in this country, than appears on the surface, of a like mind. An Appleseed event is a centered and purposeful event for every citizen, no matter what your political vision or religious affiliation or beliefs. This is a program that teaches confidence and self-reliance. The children who attend are taught how to respect the purpose and function of a firearm.  They learn how to handled them safely and shoot them accurately.  Rather than instill a sense of fear of guns in them we teach them to respect them as tools used for specific tasks and also for physical discipline and mental exercise.   
    These are life-long, and to some, life-changing lessons.  I have seen the sudden spark of an epiphany in a person's eyes as a certain previously unrealized part of the lesson "took".   The resulting improvement in group size on the target being the proof that the teachings are true and relevant.  These moments are beyond satisfying. They are to be cherished, for they are our "pat on the back" as instructors. 
     All in all, this being my first AS filling the gap as IIT (instructor in training), I have to say that the amount of preparation, mental and physical, that goes into an event is staggering.  God blesses us all for the people who can shoulder this immense responsibility.  Anybody who can wear the Red Hat is to be commended with vigorous applaud and many thanks!  They are TRULY Americans "who know what they are about"!

Appleseed is history in the re-making!