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Hollywood, FL, March 31, 2024

Started by Miss Conduct, April 02, 2024, 05:20:23 PM

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Miss Conduct

What a great day.

We had a small group of all adults and they worked well together. The weather was beautiful. The range facility was first rate and a great place to work an event. Instructors could not have been better or more cooperative.

The experience of the group spanned from "never shot a rifle before" to proficient. After shooting the Red Coat target, we started on the basics. The group worked hard and were very attentive. Our most inexperienced shooters, who couldn't hit many shots on the Red Coat target in the morning improved greatly by afternoon. The more experienced did much better as well. We actually completed 3 AQTs by Saturday afternoon.

In fact, we qualified one new Rifleman and requalified another. Congratulations to our new rifleman, Ron who did great scoring a 213 followed by a 219. Vicenc requalified with a 220, 231 and 236. I think he's pushing for that "Distinguished" patch. I'm sure it won't be long before he makes it. Congratulations to these two and everyone for working so hard.

The day went great and everyone was very dedicated. All shooters should feel good about the improvements in their performance. A big thank you to the great crew of instructors. Everyone did a great job and the teamwork was amazing. Check out some pictures at the following link.

Thanks to all.

Miss Conduct
Shoot Boss
"May we think of Freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right"          Peter Marshall

Kinetic Energy

Congratulations to all who came, especially the two brand new shooters. I saw significant improvement over the course of the day.

A Rifleman persists, and you'll continue to improve with practice both on the range and dry fire at home. Practice getting into the seated positions at home, which will stretch those muscles and make this position more natural. For those who made their Rifleman score this weekend, start thinking about doing the same with a center-fire rifle next. We have events at Homestead that can take you to this next level.

A special thank you to the Hollywood Rifle & Pistol Club for their continued support of Appleseed, shooter development, and Liberty.