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Las Vegas, NV March 30th-31st, 2024

Started by whangdoodle, April 01, 2024, 05:56:15 PM

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As we were joined by 15 Americans including two families from California, our event continued the tradition of holding a wet March shoot. Luckily we were able to use a covered range that kept parts of us dry as the rain blew in sideways.

Despite the weather, the marksmanship persevered. Returning Riflemen, Rob and Seth, requalified on our Saturday AQTs. Our day ended with our shooters shivering and glancing at the summits of Red Rock Canyon covered in snow across the road.

The sun returned on Sunday as did our persisting riflemen. We reviewed instruction, shot AQTs, and chased rabbits. Thirteen year old Rifleman, Anthony, showed an incredible 1 1/2" group in standing while he requalified along with his Father James. Seth could be seen coaching his family with every free moment which had great effect as his wife Sarah earned her first Patch.

We had another returning rifleman requal to show he knows what he was about. Jeff has showed great improvement with every Appleseed he attends and how seriously he takes marksmanship. In a demonstration of his character, Jeff has stepped up this weekend and picked up a hat. Huzzah!

We have a KD in two weeks. Hopefully, spring will be in full bloom with the rains of this weekend. Seeds need a little water to sprout.

Thanks to Gasguy and Chaotic Crouton for their time this weekend.