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Texas lost a Brother Rifleman and Appleseed Advocate this past week - Sad news.

Started by GenX Minuteman, January 28, 2024, 11:55:20 PM

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GenX Minuteman

  With a very heavy heart I have to report our friend, brother Rifleman and Appleseed proponent, Javier Garcia (Cool Arrow) has passed away.  He was only 38 years old and had recently completed his Master's Degree in December. 

  Javier was one of those early Appleseed students who couldn't quite achieve the Rifleman's mark despite attending multiple events.  I believe he attended five courses during the 2018-2019 time frame in the San Antonio area.  Each time he came to an event he was determined to continue pushing up his score.  And he did greatly improve, yet never crossed the 210 mark.  He stayed away from the Appleseed program for a bit and became heavily involved with the High Power rifle competition scene, all the while referring all of his new found friends to Project Appleseed events.

  Javier made his way back to a Project Appleseed event sometime in 2021 with laser-like focus and drive.  We were all shocked to see how much maturing growth he had undergone during his High-Power shooting period.  Javier came back to an event having lost 40 lbs., building a purpose built iron-sighted 10/22 rifle and now with two years of hardcore practice under his belt to do one thing - become a Rifleman!!!!  And guess what, he did so easily with a score not only high enough to earn his Rifleman patch, but also his Distinguished rocker as well!!!  He nailed it - and made it look easy!!!

   A few months later Javier came out to the Known Distance event in New Braunfels and wanted to put his newly honed skills to a higher level of challenge.  Once again, Javier proceeded to display his new level of confidence and ability by achieving a KD score on his first target of the weekend with ease!!!!!  In fact, Javier is one of only three individuals who have made a KD score in New Braunfels while using iron-sights.  As Instructors, we were amazed to see how much energy and passion Javier had poured into his hobby and how much of a positive impact it had on his personality and life.

Javier receiving his KD patch from PaleRider

   Javier took up an Orange Hat and wanted to begin the process of becoming a full Instructor in the San Antonio area.  Unfortunately, Javier's reservations about public speaking kept him from fully committing to the program and advancing past his IIT0 level.  He still however continued to come to events as a shooter and even brought his friends to a number of events to expose them to our Appleseed teaching methods. 

  Sadly, Javier appeared to be carrying difficulties in his life with which he rarely ever let anyone know of or help with, the weight of which he could no longer bear. 

  We will miss you Cool Arrow!!! 

Chad Stovell - GenX Minuteman   


I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope that he finds peace.

May we all remember that people in our lives may be struggling.  May we all be willing to share our burdens, and be willing to share the burdens of others.
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While I never met Javier in person we'd exchanged lots of emails as he was coming up through the program.

RIP and my condolences to the family.
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Chad, that was very well-said. Like you, I'm still having problems with it. With we veterans, especially, it just hits too close to home. I know we'll all miss him, but with his attitude and kindness, he will always have a special place in my heart.  :'(
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Very saddened to hear this.  Prayers for him, his family, and all who knew him. 

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