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Sign up today for the 2024 Ohio Instructor's Boot Camp, March 2-3, 2024

Started by SteelThunder, January 13, 2024, 03:09:29 PM

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Hello Ohio cadre (and border raiders)

As Shep noted last week, the 2024 Ohio Instructor's Boot Camp will be held on March 2-3, 2024 at the Clinton County Farmers and Sportsmen Association in Wilmington, OH. 

Seriously, folks...this is your single, best opportunity to meet a large portion of the cadre and talk, share stories, and learn from them.

What is an IBC?  An IBC is an intense, drink-from-the-firehose, weekend of interactive classwork (indoors, all weekend, no shooting/rifles needed), where all instructors will get plenty of hands-on instruction and mentoring, all while building friendships and camaraderie.  You shouldn't have any fear/trepidation about attending.  Bring the skills you have, and be ready to learn.  You WILL learn a lot, and have fun.  You will learn more about "how" to instruct at a weekend IBC than you can learn working a summer-full of Appleseed events.  IT IS WORTH YOUR TIME!!!

Clinton County Farmers and Sportsmen Association
301 Batson Road, Wilmington, OH 45177
GPS: 39.378703,-83.832912

Our mission is serious: the urgency of saving the country, and everyone's safety at our events.  That being said, if you're not having fun doing this, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!

Anyone who wears a Project Appleseed hat of ANY COLOR is invited to attend, "border raiders" included. Attendance is strongly encouraged...darn near mandatory.

All attendees should register AS A STUDENT (e.g., do NOT sign up as an instructor on TIPS unless asked to do so).  >>>CLICK HERE to REGISTER<<<


Who Should Come?

Blue Hats - get to know the instructor corps, learn how to help run a safe event...we want you doing POIs, breakouts, troubleshooting - everything!

Orange Hats - this is a great way to get a leg up for 2024.  You'll have ample opportunities to practice and polish your points of instruction, safety, and history skills.

Red Hats - we need you!  Our ideal ratio is 1 Red Hat for every 2 Orange Hats.  Plus, this event will help to shake off the winter rust that is likely on your perishable instructing skills. Plus you'll be helping to coach our IITs to gain the skills they need.

Shoot Bosses - You are our mentors!  ALL Shoot Bosses should be at this event.  This may be the only time we have such a large gathering of our cadre, and it's a great opportunity to make friends, build our team, forge relationships and get our group ready for the upcoming season.

What Are The Logistics?

Clinton County Farmers and Sportsmen Association (location above) which is located near Wilmington, OH in the southwest part of the state, just 30 miles from both Dayton and Cincinnati, and about 50 miles southwest of Columbus. 

We will be in the main clubhouse.  Google Maps View

The club has kindly agreed to let us camp at the clubhouse.  We also have access to a separate building as well (in case we want to sequester the snorers  :2t )  Think "truck camping" (bringing a cot and/or sleeping pad recommended).  Bring that stuff and you'll be fine.

Basic Agenda:
  • This is a course on HOW TO TEACH - there will be no shooting as part of the event.
  • Friday evening - (attendance optional) - Club will be open to attendees in the evening for general fellowship.  We may have a special instruction event...stay tuned.
  • Saturday - 8 AM until bed time (if you're arriving Saturday morning, please plan to arrive no later than 7:30 AM)  POI and safety breakouts all day, effective public speaking, etc.  Evening will be open, play cards, grab an instructor to brush up on a POI that is giving you fits, have a swap meet, watch a movie, whatever.
  • Sunday - 8 AM to 5 PM.  History, state/national discussions, troubleshooting, KD

Meals:  We're working on a meal plan.  It will likely either be delivered or made at the club...both will require a payment.  If you have special dietary requirements, make sure you've brought your own food/drink.  Please - no alcoholic beverages!

Cost: There is no "range fee" for the club, however, I'm asking for a VOLUNTARY DONATION OF $5-10 (or more) as a thank you to the club.  Depending on the final meal plans, there will also be a separate charge.

What Should You Bring?
  • Just like we ask our students, a teachable attitude is vital.
  • Any teaching materials you normally bring to an AS - clipboard, cheat sheets, visual aids
  • An instructor manual - physical or electronic
  • Something to write with and on - physical or electronic
  • A dummy rifle, shooting mats, whiteboard/markers, if you have some
  • Your copy of Paul Revere's Ride - physical or electronic

How Should You Prepare?


Please check in here occasionally for updates.  Thanks!  We'll see you all in March

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FYI about half of my Tshirts, my pull over and two of my polo are size Large...and my dad bod has expanded. I will be giving away the L tshirts...if anyone can wear the 1/4 zip or polos and can offer me a few $ since I got them from the store I'd appreciate it...but I'm not taking them home since my drawers are full.
Knowledge is power


Thanks for the great day. Learned a lot of really good tips and diagnostics of my routine.
Knowledge is power