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NH has a new blue had - KevinNH

Started by MattNH, January 10, 2024, 08:19:15 AM

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Please welcome KevinNH as our newest blue hat volunteer.  He earned his Rifleman patch with a 231 last October and feels he can best help as Applecore.  He will be at our Jan 20-21 shoot in Littleton.

Thanks and welcome KevinNH
Appleseed is friend to all, enemy to none


Welcome aboard, KevinNH!  :F

I enjoyed meeting you in Dunbarton, and look forward to seeing you again in Littleton.

Go NH!


KenvinNH, I want to send both a congratulations and Thank you your way.

Looking forward to have you as part of the NH team. Welcome.

I see KevinNH got his father's creativity.