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Texas has a New Orange Hat - Sassy Lassy!

Started by AF5US, November 28, 2023, 06:15:35 PM

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Ladies and gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I announce to all that Sassy Lassy has been harassed arm twisted blackmailed decided of her own free will to take an orange hat!

Sassy Lassy has been a frequent presence at the North Texas events including 25 meter rifle, pistol and this past weekend attended her first-ever KD.  At the KD event not only did she earn Morgan's Shingle, she also won the range estimation competition - WITH A BASIC DUPLEX RETICLE  :bow:

The North Texas crew has been hoping to get Sassy Lassy into an orange hat for some time, and are excited to see it happen.  You're going to be a great addition to the crew.
Rifleman:                          04/2016
Known Distance Rifleman:  10/2018
Pistoleer™:                          08/2019
Distinguished Rifleman:      07/2020
Morgan's Shingle:              12/2021
Standing Morgan's Shingle: 11/2022
Member: GOA (Gun Owners of America)
Member: FPC (Firearms Policy Coalition)
Life Member: NRA (National Rifle Association)



Welcome aboard!  It was a pleasure meeting you.  I look forward to seeing you teach IMC and KD.   &)
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CF KD requal - Muenster, TX  11/25/23


Rifleman: 1/23
Distinguished Rifleman: 2/23
Pistoleer™: 3/23


Welcome to the Texas Team. And thanks for volunteering.
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