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Nebraska newsEEDS AN SC!

Started by M1bzrk, November 20, 2023, 10:14:48 PM

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Hey Nebraskans,
Due to employment overload, SisaLee81 and Vette73 are retiring as Nebraska State Coordinators.  They are not leaving Project Appleseed, but just do not have enough time to devote to coordinating.  Thanks to them for all they have done over the years.  However we do need to fill their shoes as soon as possible.
Being state coordinator does not require a super marksman (or woman) but it does need someone to oversee,organise and
delegate (not do everything)   The position is important and also very rewarding.
We need to get "back on track" as it were and if you are interested, please contact me.
Morkrause, thank you for volunteering.  Please call me (I just saw your post - perhaps I should check the forum more often!!).