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Memphis, TN - AAR - Nov 17. 2023 (One Day Pistol Clinic)

Started by Captain, November 18, 2023, 08:35:30 PM

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A smashing success! That's the only way to describe the first Appleseed Pistol Clinic at the Top Gun Memphis Range this past Friday. Top Gun is a premier indoor shooting range/gun shop mega store which is also attached to a top notch BBQ restaurant! We had full use of their 9 lane shooting range with ballistic glass dividers between each shooting position, powered target carriers and a wireless PA System to run the line. We also had full use of the adjoining VIP Lounge/classroom. The event was "Sold Out" within a day of being posted, so we were a group of very interested and motivated shooters and Appleseeders.

The range opened early for our event and during registration, everyone was able to sign up and pay for a lunch box from the collocated Ferguson's BBQ. We kicked off the event in the VIP lounge - think fireplace, complementary soda machine and comfy chairs. After introductions and safety, we moved onto the range and got to work. This was a group of experienced shooters, including several guys who are firearm instructors, so things went smoothly. The morning was spent on fundamentals of grip and stance, eventually working up to controlled pairs.

We retrieved our prepared lunches from Ferguson's and returned to the VIP Lounge to enjoy some BBQ and share some stories from the founding of our great nation. After we cleaned up, it was back to the range for ball and dummy, malfunctions, transitions and shooting with one hand. Finally, it was time to put everything together and try to Appleseed Pistol Qualification Test (PQT). It was a challenging combination of speed and accuracy but several shooters we able to qualify for their Appleseed Pistoleer Patch. We made several attempts at the PQT and shot a little competition on the Big/Small Dots target. Big/Small Dots Challenge was won by Jim with the first perfect score I've seen, 2 hits in each of the 10 dots targets in 45 seconds with no misses! Great Job! By the end of the day, seven shooters had earned their patch, quite an achievement: well done.

Now for a few pictures . . . . click to see them full size and click again shrink down.

Group Photo

I'll add a few more pictures as I get caught up. Please add your comments and suggestions!

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Old Navy Doc

This was indeed a wonderful group of students and instructors with excellent group chemistry.
The new COF was excellent and was well received by everyone.
I eagerly look forward to returning to this venue for future pistol clinics.
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What a great Appleseed Pistol Clinic event in Memphis. Captain, Ol' Navy Doc, Mustang - great instruction, great lessons.

Congratulations to the Pistoleers of the Mid-South Riflemen, and special congratulations to Mustang for earning a well-deserved Appleseed Challenge Coin! Don't go trying to shoot the center out (although we all know you COULD!)
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Awesome! Great job bringing Appleseed Pistol Clinics to Memphis Captain and crew! Looks like a great event!  O0
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Calaboose Cross

It was a great day at Top Gun in Memphis shooting the Appleseed Pistol Clinic with a bunch of great shooters who showed off their pistol marksmanship skills. Expert instruction was provided by Shoot Boss Captain assisted by Old Navy Doc and Mustang. We have TigerDriver to thank for putting it all together. Single handed he procured the range exclusively for us, did the logistics, and insured that everything went well. We are grateful to him for putting it all together. Kudos to him! Also kudos to Jim for shooting a perfect score on the dot drill. Alas, lol, I was one shot behind him. A great time was had by all and we enjoyed hearing the history of our great nation's founding because that's what Appleseed is all about! Looking forward to more Appleseed Pistol Clinics!