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Ramseur Workday

Started by Vaportrace, November 12, 2023, 12:17:50 PM

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Good Morning All
Despite a low turnout for the Ramseur Workday, I feel the ones that showed up did an outstanding  job.
Hawkeye finished the trenching, & installed new wiring for our electrical upgrade(s).
Proud Patriot(Ms. Doni) and her friend Jim worked on painting at the KD Line. I continued to scrap off the old peeling paint on the office building & the detached shelter at the 25m line. Carpentry work is a must now at the office, due to deterioration of some wood.
Even with the cool weather and rain, we all gathered toward the end, and covered the trench work.
Hats off to Hawkeye's friends that showed up Friday to help with the trenching work. Those that know, know that trenching anywhere at Ramseur is a challenge under the best conditions.
Again, Thank to those that are working to improve our National Home Range. Ya'll are awesome!


Many thanks to the crew for their hard work improving home range!!

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Mrs. Smith

Thank you all so much for the hard work and personal time you all put in to keep our Home Range a place we can be proud of!  :bow:
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Thank You to all that showed up Eli and Brandon from the field shoots with two friend's, that was a big help. They drove 2.5 hours to help. There's lots more to do, we are going to put some work days on the schedule so folks can better plan for them. Thank you Vaportrace for your help too.
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