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Kellogg, ID, 4-5 Nov 2023, 25m Rifle Clinic (Private Event), AAR

Started by P7, November 06, 2023, 09:16:06 PM

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This was a private event with a mix of shooters new to Appleseed and those who had attended a previous event.   The weather was chilly, and it rained all day, but it did not dampen our spirits!  The shooters were attentive and responsible, enabling the instructors to spend time coaching and assisting with equipment issues as needed.  Many thanks to the instructors who drove the extra 35 miles to the Shoshone County range to help make this event a success. Special thanks to Snow Snake, who coordinated the range setup and stayed from start to finish each day despite his very recent knee replacement surgery.

The group wanted to start later on Sunday (1230 PM).  Combined with the end of daylight savings time that morning, this meant that we only had about four hours of daylight to work with on the second day.  We modified the plan for the day to maximize time on the line shooting, giving some extra time to practice the sitting and standing positions which had been introduced late in the day Saturday.  We were able to fire two AQTs before we lost our light.  All the shooters exhibited substantial improvement from where they had started on Satuirday morning.  Congratulations to Brian on earning his Rifleman patch.  Huzzah!

Bradley "Brad" Foster (P7)


"The great object is that every man be armed."  - Patrick Henry