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FL has a new Adaptive Rifleman!

Started by rambo granny, October 10, 2023, 03:25:57 PM

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rambo granny

Florida has a new adaptive rifleman! From shotgun groups on Saturday to rifleman score 222 on Sunday at the Bunnell event.
Florida instructors may want to consider having a monster size pool noodle around. See it:

RBC @ IDMR 02/17, requal KD May 2017 @IDMR 49/50,
RBC IDMR 1/18: requal KD, Shingle shot & 2 MOA steel shot @ 300,
RBC IDMR 1/19: requal KD;  >100 events; Post accident>Adaptive 4 min AQT scored 5/1/22
This info block too small for ancient instructors.😉

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