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El Paso, Texas MINI-IBC, Sept 2, 2023

Started by Mrs. Smith, September 26, 2023, 06:21:35 PM

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Mrs. Smith

Good afternoon, all!

This is pretty overdue, but still bears posting.

In El Paso, about 3 weeks prior to our big Scout event, we held a mini-IBC.  First, thanks so much to Carlos for opening his home and allowing this rascally bunch to invade it.  Your hospitality made this possible.

We just did the one day, but we crammed a fair bit of practice into that day.  We covered terminology, Parking Lot, Registration, RSO/LSO, Safety briefing, prone POI, IMC, and a number of other items.  It was informal, and there was some off-topic conversation, but I allowed a bit of it to give this group that had never worked an event together a chance to bond.  I think it was worth it.

We particularly made sure the POI needed for everyone's next promotions were covered, so they'd be as prepared as possible, and it definitely showed on "game day."

My thanks to Carlos, Young Patriot, Super Mario, LoanerRifle, LateByProxy, and Waco Kid for spending your Labor Day Saturday with me for the good of the team.  You guys are pretty awesome.

In Liberty,
Mrs. Smith.

No, I didn't think to take photos   :-[
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