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A Rifleman persists and the other 28 days, a mini AAR

Started by Iborche, August 10, 2023, 03:40:15 AM

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During a zoom and learn session a few weeks ago Maximum Ordinate brought up that even taking a single hour out of "The other 28 days" can have profound impact on the time we're at an event. This got me thinking - both about how useful those Zoom and Learns have been for me (more please!) and how I'm not sure when the last day I didn't think about how to be a better Appleseed volunteer was. Maybe that's just what happens when you become a Shoot Boss. This isn't about me though; I'd like to highlight one of our other 28 days here in Washington and some very persistent Riflemen with a mini-AAR.

I've known kRosHairs (formerly Keltecmossberg) a while now, but only got him to the range for the first time within the past year. A few months later, I convinced him rifles were cooler than shotguns and he should come out to an Appleseed to learn about marksmanship. He did quite well, scoring in the 170s, but injuries kept him from being able to build a stable position. A few months later he tried again, this time in the 190s but lingering injury still held him back. Ever a stubborn fellow (approaching perhaps, but never achieving, the level of Sam Whittemore), he wasn't happy.

We're fortunate in the Northwest to have beautiful and plentiful public land and I try to make it out to the gravel pits for a day of various shooting drills every couple of weeks. This time we loaded up the car with AQTs, and invited CaptainRebop, Supernintendo Chalmers, and some other friends along for the trip. I set out to work on my pistol reloads, CaptainRebop had a hunting rifle to check zero on, but kRosHairs only had AQTs on his mind. We set up a target at 25m, I happened to have my Red Hat in the car still from the previous weekend's event, and we got to shooting. Still in the 190s, each target progressively got better. I have not run rapid-fire AQTs at events, but thought it'd be a fun break here. Four minutes later CaptainRebop and I double check the score and confirm we have a new Rifleman with a score of 212! Months of persistence and practicing the positions at home had paid off. With the monkey finally off his back, kRosHairs started coaching a new shooter that had come out with us how to set up a sling and shoot from the prone position. This week he officially stepped up and will be receiving his well-earned Orange Hat very soon. Among those that joined us that weekend was another previous attendee who has also indicated interest in volunteering when he is ready.

To every Rifleman and volunteer I've come across in my time with Appleseed, your passion and persistence are what gives me hope for our future and makes this program worth supporting every single day of the year. Who's ready for another range day?

Mrs. Smith

This is a wonderful story, Ian. It's 4am here, and for this to be the first thing I read today started things out on such a high note. Thanks for sharing it.

Keltecmossberg, congratulations on your Rifleman achievement. I'm looking forward to seeing you in Orange!

To the other 28 Days!  :beer:

In Liberty,
Mrs. Smith
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Supernintendo Chalmers

Congratulations Keltecmossberg! kRosHairs! Job well done!


Great persistence!  And thank you for helping your friend.