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Parma ID, June 3/4, 2023 AAR

Started by Prescott, June 06, 2023, 04:32:30 PM

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I would like to think that all of the participants at the Parma AS event had a really good weekend.   First off, a group of friends attended the event and made the event quite lively.  Secondly, there was a great exposition of shooting skills and thirdly, everyone seemed to be inspired and awakened to the Heritage of our Country.

I would like to thank Matigan for recruiting her friends (and dance partners) to come to this event.   Matigan was a former 4H shooter who was coached by AS instructors Tim and Pat.   She was persuaded to attend an AS event last year and currently holds the Parma AS top score of 249.  She must have enjoyed the event, as she was able to persuade her friends to come experience an AS as well.   At the end of Sunday, I was swarmed by this group and they are planning on bringing more friends to a future event. 

The whole group was very attentive to the marksmanship instruction and to the history presentations over the weekend.  The group's marksmanship skills greatly improved over the weekend.   By the end of weekend, there were five new rifleman and two repeat rifleman.  Congratulation to Isaac, Jordan, Richard, Ian and Ethnea for shooting their rifleman scores!  The youngest shooter, Callan was able to clear the final Hits Count target on Sunday.   John was able to put up a high score of 209, but needed to leave early on Sunday and missed the final opportunity to earn the rifleman patch.   

Remember, one characteristic of a Rifleman is persistence.   Keep practicing the skills you were taught this weekend and it is likely that you will earn your rifleman patch at the next AS event you attend.
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