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2023 Wyoming IBC-RBC (aka "The Big Event")

Started by Captain, May 19, 2023, 06:32:24 PM

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2023 Wyoming/Western States "Big Event"

Riflemen - Time to stand and be counted. Get to Laramie, Wyoming this June and be a part of the tradition!

The Wyoming IBC/RBC is the longest running Rifleman's Boot Camp on the Planet! For many years, it has also been the only RBC west of the Mississippi. We call it the "Big Event" because it will be Four Separate Events back-to-back. Ten full Days of Appleseed Awesomeness!

       Pistol ClinicFriday, June 9, 20231 Day
       IBC - Instructor Boot CampSaturday, June 10, 20232 Days
       RBC - Rifleman Boot CampSunday, June 11, 20236 Days
        Regular Appleseed 25m Rifle     Saturday, June 17, 2023     2 Days

Come join us in Laramie, Wyoming and attend any of the individual events or even a part of an event as your schedule allows. Or . . . do the whole enchilada! Put your amplifiers on eleven and celebrate Ten Glorious Days of Liberty!

The star of the show is the Rifleman's Boot Camp or RBC. It's the most comprehensive program offered by Project Appleseed - nearly a week building on the skills you've acquired at previous Appleseeds and Known Distance events. The RBC puts you on the fast track to becoming a Rifleman - or an Appleseed Instructor. You'll fine tune the fundamentals of marksmanship at 25m and, when you're ready, you'll apply your talents to engage targets at 100, 200, 300 and 400 yards . . . and beyond!

The RBC will be kicked off by an Instructor Boot Camp or IBC (sort of a condensed RBC focused on instruction and coaching - no shooting).  And before that! . . . an Appleseed Pistol Clinic! Days 9 and 10 will be a regular 25m Appleseed Rifle Event to lock in that progress (and complete promotions).

More about the RBC?

In addition to the stories of April 19th, 1775, you're going to hear other stories from the founding of our nation. You'll gain a new appreciation for the Liberty we all enjoy as Americans. Our founder's example will be yours, to guide you through the challenge of being a leader in our modern era. We'll work to make these stories your own, so you can start to be a messenger of Liberty to help pass on and protect our heritage for posterity.

During this intensive week, you'll have the chance to get to know your dedicated volunteer instructors and your fellow shooters on the way to forging lifelong bonds and friendships. Primitive camping is available on the range! We already have participants coming from ten states (Wyoming, Colorado, Arkansas, Texas, South Dakota, Kansas, Ohio, Minnesota, Indiana and Idaho). This is an event for our entire nation of Riflemen and aspiring Riflemen.

       One of the best weeks of my life . . .
     I came to learn to shoot; I left determined to preserve Liberty
     If you're serious about becoming a better rifle shot, and even thinking about becoming an Appleseed instructor, it's the place to be.   

Mastering the Rifleman's Quarter Mile, embracing our history and learning to pass that heritage on to our posterity - Wyoming 2023!

Official GWOG
Aka "Get the Word Out Guy"

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