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Known Distance IBC in Texas!! Okies Welcome!!!

Started by Mrs. Smith, June 07, 2022, 07:48:33 PM

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Mrs. Smith

QuoteSituation:  It is dawn (6am), and you successfully engaged a target directly to the west of your location at 200 yards with your M1 Garand. You switched rifles and shot until you ran out of ammo with your ar-15. It is now noon and you observed a man-sized target in the distance to the north. This target measures slightly less than half the width of your Garand front sight post and is located on 30 degree slope downward.  The sun is directly overhead and the temperature has increased 25 degrees.  You observe the wind is approximately 15 miles per hour traveling from the northwest to the southeast.
You have one round left for your Garand.  Calculate your firing solution & show your work.

Can you do this? 
Can you do it without a cheat-sheet? 
Can you teach it with simplicity and precision?

Even if you can do this on the back of a napkin, come join us in August!

We're excited to offer a Known Distance Instructor Boot Camp on August 18-21, 2022 in Midland, TX!  This two-part event is designed to help enable instructors to plan, prepare, and execute safe & effective KD & RKD clinics.  Also, this clinic will help Shoot Bosses and Red Hats polish and perfect their KD presentations which are a requirement at every 2-day 25m event.   This clinic should help prepare Red Hats and SBs for the responsibility / privilege of running a KD as a dSB.

Click here to sign up:

1.  Prerequisites:   Students at this class must be currently active Appleseed Instructors (Red Hat or above).  Waivers for IITs to attend will be considered on a case-by-case & space-available basis.  Send me a note if you need a waiver.  We don't want any spot to go empty.

2.  This is a two-part IBC.  Part 1, (mostly) classroom, is on Thursday and Friday.  During Part 2 on Saturday and Sunday, the IBC students will take roles leading and teaching at a 2-day Known Distance event at the same range.

3.  Like most IBCs, we'll use small group format to maximize participation in practical exercises.  Lecture is boring!  Death by PowerPoint is worse!!  :-)

4.  Topics on the agenda include: 
  • Finding an acceptable KD location and negotiating for its use
  • Differences in pre-event checklists for KD vs. 25 meter event
  • Choosing an appropriate range layout
  • COF strategy to support event goals
  • Pit operations
  • Line Bossing a moving firing line
  • Coaching Centerfire Rifle Shooters
  • Small group exercise:  Teaching Three Tasks of a Rifleman
  • Small group exercise:  Milliradians made easy (a different I-M-C)
  • Small group exercise:  Trajectory and range estimation using MOA and Mil-dot methods
  • Small group exercise:  Strategy to shoot the AQT (BSZ v. come-ups v. holdovers)
  • Small group exercise:  Troubleshooting line errors at a KD
  • Conducting live range estimation and target detection exercises
  • Conducting an unknown distance exercise
5.  Volunteers can bunk on site.  The restroom (no shower) is a separate small building close by.  There is a small kitchen, but water is not potable.

6.  More to follow on a meal plan.

This should be a great four days of learning and fellowship!

Please note that all updates to the Boot Camp information will be made to the SW Region announcement, here:
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