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WV Members List
« on: April 05, 2009, 12:08:55 AM »
Here's a Who's Who in WV

Screen Name/Town, County/Job Title/Instructor Status

agony [Beckley, Raleigh] - 2010 Patriot's Day Rifleman and IIT! (Beckley 04/17/10), IIT

armedarchitect [Charleston, Kanawha] - inactive

Arminger [Chloe, Calhoun] - DAR Construction/Maintenance Crew, Rifleman! (Stinson, 09/26/10)

Barry-WV [Fort Gay, Wayne] - EPT inactive

bbkf [Charleston, Kanawha] - First woman WV Rifleman! (Stinson 08/01/09), First woman IIT!

brickhouse [Kingwood, Preston] - Second woman WV Rifleman! (Ramseur 5/23/10), First WV woman RWVA Instructor! (10/10/10), First WV woman Shoot Boss! (03/27/11 WV AIBC)

Carrier [Morgantown, Monongalia] -

Chrome [Morgantown, Monongalia] - 2010 Patriot's Day Rifleman and IIT! (Stinson 04/17/10), RWVA Instructor (08/29/10), IC Coordinator

country [Union, Monroe] - inactive

Dirty Bill [Wellsburg, Brooke] - inactive

freetek [Grantsville, Calhoun] - inactive

GunnerJim [Princeton, Mercer] - Historian/Researcher inactive

indian4 [Sutton, Braxton] - DAR Construction Crew, 1st WV Appleseed Rifleman! (Stinson 03/22/09) inactive

JonL [Kenova, Wayne] - IIT

MacMcM [Charleston, Kanawha/Putnam] - PCGC Contact, Rifleman! (Beckley, 10/03/10), RWVA Instructor (12/12/10)

Maryetta [Sutton, Braxton] - inactive

Militiaman71 [Dunbar, Kanawha] - inactive

Mojo [Stinson, Calhoun] - American Bulldog, WV Appleseed Mascot!

Mountaineer [Morgantown, Monongalia] -  Blogger, Rifleman! (Stinson 10/18/09), IIT3

Mudslide [Parkersburg, Wood] - 2009 Patriot's Day Rifleman! (Stinson 04/19/09), IIT3 inactive

NC-17 [Charleston, Kanawha] - 2010 Patriot's Day Rifleman and IIT! (Beckley 04/18/10), First WV Youth Rifleman and IIT! IIT2

OctoGrannyWV [ blank, Harrison] -

Rifleman Scooby [Clarksburg, Harrison] - Rifleman! (Stinson, 10/31/10)

ruralgeek [Hurricane, Putnam] -

savagerabbit [        , Putnam?]-

siglite [Charleston, Kanawha] - Rifleman! (Stinson 08/01/09), RWVA Instructor (05/30/10) Shoot Boss (08/29/10)

skoof223 [Winfield, Putnam] - Rifleman! (Eleanor 08/28/10), IIT

Spanner [Kingwood, Preston] -  Independence Day Rifleman! (Ramseur 7/05/09), 1st WV SB!

SuzyQ [Stinson, Calhoun] - Hospitality

swos [Morgantown, Monongalia] - inactive

tejohnson [Parkersburg, Wood] - 2009 Patriot's Day Rifleman! (Stinson 04/19/09) inactive

The Machine [Stinson, Calhoun] - State Coordinator, Complaint Dept.  !@#), IIT3

TracyWV [Dunbar, Kanawha] - inactive

vanrichten [S. Charleston, Kanawha] - 1st Rifleman and IIT in 2010! (Stinson 03/21/10), IIT2

wvmmfalcon aka psyclops [Wileyville, Wetzel] - Constitution Day Rifleman! (Stinson 09/20/09), RWVA Instructor (05/29/10) Shoot Boss (08/29/10)

If you don't see your name on the list, please send me a PM.  If you see an inactive next to your name, you either haven't stepped up to help the WV program, our you've been idle for a few months. We have plenty of work that needs done, so let me know and we'll get you "activated".  :)                     
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