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Here it is straight from the top. No if's, and's...
just get off your butts!

Note: This post is now a little dated, since our forum membership is approaching 10,000! The spirit of the message is still the same, however.

As posted by Fred:

If you are presently teaching at one Appleseed a month, and averaging 5 hours a week of Appleseed work (not posting, reading on the site, etc), then you don't have to read any further.

     All others should read this, as I am assuming you have bought into our notion that the ship is sinking, and we need to bail as fast as we can - as well as getting others to bail.

     To "bail" means to do something to help save the ship. Many on this site do not know what "do something" means. (I say this not accusingly, but simply looking at the work output - or lack thereof - and the slippage in attaining our program goals resulting therefrom.)

      All of us can see many good ideas posted on this site, sometimes on a daily basis.

      New ideas for flyers, new thoughts about an Appleseed video, suggestions about this or that - few of which ever are accomplished. Some of which, even if accomplished, might not be the best investment of resources and time.

       All this bubble of new ideas, a fervor of "let's do this, and let's do that" - while two spots out of every three on the typical Appleseed firing line are vacant, and lonely.

      Can I suggest that if you care about this program (which means you care about your country), that we buckle down and focus on one thing: filling those empty slots.

     You can do it many ways: plugging AS at gun shows and locally; maybe in addition doing something I often suggest people do, and make a List - of friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, etc - and systematically work down that list, plugging AS. Our CA AS-ers point out that "word-of-mouth" is far more effective than a stack of flyers (but I would add, a stack of flyers beats nothing), so talking the program up to everyone you see is a very positive thing.

[Note: The EPT seems to have been absorbed into our new "Worker and Promo Level 1/2" sections of the forum. Don't fret...a lot of the work can still be done from the luxury of home at the computer.  ;) PM your State Coordinator to get signed up.]      But one way you can make a difference, and right now, without leaving your computer, is to sign up with funfaler to push our EPT (Experimental Promotion Team) effort, now going on in several states, but suffering from a lack of 'muscle' in many Appleseed states.

     This program has proven to be a generator of bodies to fill those empy firing line slots.

     Possibly, more so than anything else tried to date.

     We have 3000+ slots to fill on 4/19, and it sure would be nice to fill all of them - and give our instructors some full firing lines for a change - and advance the mission of Appleseed many yards down the playing field.

     Right now, valuable as instructing on weekends at Appleseeds is, I'd have to say that EPT hours are a more significant contribution to the success of this program, this year.

      Which is why I mentioned that "five hours of AS work a week", because that's about how much time, minimum, you'd need to spend to make EPT fill those empty spots.

      EPT offers even more promise as we refine the present quick-and-dirty version to get a repeated and more refined message/strategy out there, in la-la land (sorry, couldn't resist...).

     So signing up for EPT should not be a "one-time" thing.

     If you care about this program, if you want the Mission to succeed, make the commitment to EPT for that five hours a week. You can cut back on some of your posting, if need be.

    The EPT effort is so important that we should incorporate it as part of a new "working standard" on the site.

     If you want to feel like you are "doing your bit", do the five hours EPT a week, teach at one AS a month, and I believe you can face any of the founders once the time comes. And report to them Americans love their history and Heritage and now live in a free country - thanks in part to the efforts YOU have made.

     So, PM funfaler (if you don't know how, post here for instructions) and let's get the Appleseed firing lines filled up.

      Time's wasting, the ship is sinking (faster than ever, if that is possible), and we need to use bigger buckets in bailing. EPT buckets.


 Yes, I was warned putting the words "Work" and "working" in the same title would depress readership. That even one of them would be poison - and two would be death!

     I scoffed: "What? This IS a working site! Why would anyone be afraid of the word 'work'?"

     But as usual, reality prevails, and only 64 of our 2000-plus hard-working members on this working site have bothered to look at the original post in the last 18 hours. Prob at least half are already working their butts off, meaning only 30-some out of the remaining 2000-plus on the site have bothered.

     Makes no sense.

     The ship sinking - you must think it, believe it, anticipate it, predict it - if you are on this site. If you don't believe it, you're on the wrong site, and need to find the right site you need to be at. It's out there, somewhere, on the 'net.

     We must bail. Because we want to save the sinking ship. If you don't believe that, you are on the wrong site, and need to find the right site, etc.

      To bail, we need to get off the couch, and do something. Out of the 2000-plus on this site, approx 150, maybe a few more, have stepped up to bailing - to becoming instructors. In today's America, that's prob near a record turnout. :-[

      "...two spots out of every three on the typical Appleseed firing line are vacant"?

      Think it should be a first priority to do something about?

      Go to all the trouble to get a site (and it usually is a LOT of trouble), take all the steps necessary to produce a good instructor (and you instructors know how much trouble THAT is), and let more than half the spots on the line go unfilled?

      Let more than half our effort be wasted?

      You guys should be screaming "take charge, Fred!" and "something must be done". How can you save the sinking ship when more than half the buckets are sliding around the deck, unattended, unused - unbailing?

[See "Note" above about EPT]      Our EPT experience to date has been very positive.

      It's the best thing on the horizon for getting those slots filled.

      We can all take a few moments (hours) a week to put some effort into it, if it fills up those firing lines.

      And love the symmetry of it: during the week, you work to fill the firing lines you'll be instructing at, on the weekend.

       Now, let's get moving on this. I want ff to be complaining to me that his PMs are "too many to read, this week" - from all the new EPT volunteers.

      "Work"? On our site, it should be a tradition...and a pleasure. We're saving a country...

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