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Revolutionary War Weekend at Mount Vernon

Started by Agent711, April 29, 2023, 11:45:12 AM

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Looking for something to do next weekend? Check out :

We enjoyed last year's event and learned a thing or two.

rambo granny

There is very special exhibit now added at Mount Vernon. It's period clothing valued at $26,000. It was a donation arranged by the grand daughter of Evelyn who is our Musket Lady on the Ladyseed T-shirts. Evelyn passed away late last year. She did period hats for the 18th century clothing tailor, Rick Haven who was a keen supporter of Appleseed prior to his death. We miss them both!
The clothing is being used for special event fundraising to keep Mt Vernon going which is funded by private money, not government funds.
Here's a memorial that only lives in my personal dropbox.It has pictures including their workshop.
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