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Parma ID, AAR - April 22-23, 2023

Started by Iborche, April 25, 2023, 12:39:34 AM

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We couldn't have asked for a better group of Patriots to join us at the Parma Rod and Gun Club for a weekend of marksmanship and heritage at our special Patriot's Day event.

Saturday was spent going over the basics, practicing those Six Steps to Firing a Shot and trusting your Natural Point of Aim. We heard the passionate telling of the events of April 19th, 1775, and the choices and sacrifices that were made on the road to securing the liberties we enjoy today. We posted and AQT and returning Riflemen Bryan and Bryce re-qualified with a 223 and 214, and there was some improvement on the Hits Count Redcoat target, but it was clear we still had work to do.

Everyone returned on Sunday well rested and came out swinging at the hits count target with significant improvement from the day before!  After a quick review and making sure our equipment was in working order, we spent Sunday morning reinforcing the basics and practicing the transition stages before taking shelter from the rain for some lunchtime history and heard how the older colonists along Battle Road answered the call and fought for their Liberty.

After lunch, we posted our first AQT. Despite the soaked backers, soggy paper, and one AQT disintegrating in our hands, fellow volunteers who attended as shooters, Group Therapy, Scoob, and Gus all re-qualified as Riflemen and after making significant improvements from the day before, Andrew earned Rifleman with a 217 and Rob proved his skill with a 223! We paused to reflect on the sacrifices made and the lives lost on that April morning 248 years ago with a memorial volley before resuming AQTs with a new sense of purpose. Kristopher earned his patch with a 215, and Hudson shot a commanding 237! Bryce once again Re-qualified and thought he took high score of the weekend with 243 (which earned him the title of Distinguished Rifleman), only for Gus to tie the range's record high score on the last AQT of the day with a 249! It took about six of us to confirm this target as he missed out on a perfect 250 by a millimeter or less. I have no doubt that you'll be able to add that 250 patch to your jacket soon.

Jonatan - your persistence and attentiveness was remarkable. A 209 can be disappointing, but keep your head held high because you still know very well what you are about. Practice those transitions and magazine changes and that Rifleman patch and shiny new 10/22 will be yours in no time. A Rifleman persists.

Sofia, Zach, you're knocking on the door. Dry practice at home with no ammunition anywhere nearby and you'll be well prepared for your next event.

We grow by word of mouth and can only continue hosting events with the support of ranges like Parma Rod and Gun and our fellow Americans stepping up to volunteer with us. Thank you so much Tony for taking that step and joining us as Applecore to help us make sure these events run smoothly.