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Started by astroturf3040, November 11, 2022, 06:32:11 PM

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Few rounds in practice today standing and sitting
BRSP range


What is the lower left target telling you? 

Looks like you have the standing portion under control!


Standing looks great . . . But looks like a 48-3V . . . . Then there's those 3 fliers that went high right . . . Oh, wait  :slap:
Oct 30/31  1st Appleseed - Gibsonburg (232)

March 5/6  1st Winterseed - WolfCreek (225)
March 5  Cleared RedCoat (Sat am & pm)
March 6  Orange Hat ( I requested Blue )
Aug 20/21 1st Pistol Clinic - Wolf Creek (220)
Aug 21  Cleared Pistol RedCoat
Sept 11  10 Event Pin (Canfield)

Oct 9  Red Hat - Marengo (Meadow)

February 4/5 Shoot Boss IBC (M.O.)
April 1/2 Pistol IBC Annapolis, Maryland
April 2 Pistol Instructor (Catch-10-22)

CMP Range Safety Officer - Rimfire
CMP Range Safety Officer - Smallbore
CMP Range Safety Officer - Air Rifle/Pistol
ISSF Range Safety Officer - Air Rifle/Pistol
Certified - SafeSport Trained
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We fight, get beat, rise, and fight again . . . Nathaniel Greene


50 today off hand. 5.56. Icy but 35f no wind.


25yd 5.56 offhand


9f this AM! Off hand AR and M193 50 yds



25 yds off hand second string