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Appleseed leads to work on Homeschool Curriculum

Started by 300berg, July 29, 2022, 03:15:47 PM

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We had a shooter attend the Littleton, NH May 14,15 (IAAR) and I've been in contact with him since.

He Homeschools his children and liked the real American history that Appleseed provided.  He asked if I would meet with him weekly via Zoom/Teams and work on further developing his homeschool history program.

After a few preliminary and get-technology-figured-out meetings, we are moving along and I asked if I could share a bit of his (our) process.

These are screenshots, descriptions to follow, of our most recent electronic meet-up.

The content is 100% written and organized by this gentleman.  I've been facilitating his research and filling in the gaps as we talk.


We are collaborating online with Microsoft OneNote and MS Teams (his preferred applications).

He has organized by "Notebooks" of topics.  You can see the tabs at the top listing the strikes, but there are others for Places and Things.


An example of his workflow.

He browses the History part of the forum.

He's found an external link from our history board to a primary source on

He has browsed that source, and clipped Paul Revere's deposition into his working document.


He connects a current event, the uncovering of the HMS Somerset.

One battle leads to others.  Here the HMS Serapis is included among his broader history of the Revolutionary War.


I plan on documenting our process, and we hope the completed document when appropriate, but I asked if I could update the forum with some of our in progress work.