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UPcoming Events in SC

Started by DEH, July 15, 2022, 02:01:55 PM

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Just a reminder on what is coming up in SC.  Our 01-02OCT event is typically sold out most years.  We have a cap of 15 students and as of right now 10 are signed up.  Don't procrastinate.

12NOV was added 2 or so months ago due to increased students.  It is at MCRC in Gaston and is a one day, rimfire only event.  Right now, nobody is signed up.

I am looking into the possibility of having a half day AQT grind for instructors and previous attendees of AS.  The date and time will be coming and may be short notice.  It will be scheduled based on my availability and range availability at MCRC.  It will not be an official event.  Attendees will be my guests at MCRC.  For students, it will only be announced here so check back.

Do not forget Charlotte, NC and Martin, GA.  Both of these places border SC and have plenty of slots left.
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