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IMPORTANT! For those Instructors planning to shoot at the CMP Nationals 2022

Started by Birdman, June 10, 2022, 09:04:21 AM

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State of Ohio Co-Ordinator Charlie is trying to get special design T-shirts for all IIT, Instructors, or others, attending any of the CMP Nationals this year.  To do so, she MUST have your T-Shirt size by Sunday June 12th. Project Appleseed has done this in past years with noticeable results and comments. This is not 100% guaranteed that she can get these, but she will try.
Message me or Charlie, or reply to this message.
I would advise bringing a spare Project Appleseed T-shirt to wear just in case.



I have sent on the list of names and sizes that I have received as of 6pm today. No more shirts can be requested.