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Welcome to New Mexico's Newest Blue hat, Chiona'ti!

Started by Mrs. Smith, June 01, 2022, 06:44:55 PM

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Mrs. Smith

Afternoon, all!  This lovely lady attended the Ladyseed in Alamogordo in March, then the Patriots' Day event in El Paso. She was inquiring about how to help out with the program during the first one, so you KNOW I was ready for her when she signed up for the second  :cool2:  She came to both events with a bolt action rifle she'd just purchased, and dang was she smooooooth with that bolt...

Please welcome Chiona'ti to the Cadre!

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And a big Welcome to you. Did Traci threaten you if you didn't take the orange hat?
Just kiddin. Kinda.  ~~:)

Our instructors are a great bunch. No finer people anywhere. I've made life long friends with them.

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