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Sudlersville Rimfire KD 10/29/2022

Started by TriggerJerk, May 14, 2022, 08:50:00 PM

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Hello.  I have a question! (or three!)


I see on the event registration page that the MD 10/29/2022 KD states it will be"a 22LR (Rimfire) only event where the distances will be out to 100 yards or more based on the range. "

I'm asking because today I was lobbing .22 out to 200 yards using a Ruger10/22 with CCI Stnd Vel.   I quickly discovered that my scope, even when fully maxed out for elevation, leaves me on the third BDC hashmark to get that puppy out there (maybe I should have tried MiniMags...)

I was thinking about trying to find a 10MOA rail to give me back maybe half of my adjustments.

Ok... so how many questions have I accumulated to so far, let's see:

1) Any chance this event will exceed 100 yards?

2) It makes sense that a 10MOA rail will give me room (back) to adjust instead of being so maxed out when catapulting rounds out to 200 yards... right?   

3) Further... a 10MOA rail may be a better idea than a 20MOA, so when I am back to shooting at 25 yards I'm not then maxed out the other extreme... right?

Thanks team!



We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.

â€"Benjamin Franklin


Thanks for reaching out, it is a great event and I am glad you are preparing and testing your configuration.

First, we will be shooting out to 200 yards. We do stages, similar to the AQT: standing at 50yds, transition to seated at 100, transition to prone at 150, and slow fire prone at 200yds.

So it is critical that your scope or iron sights (yes, it can and has been done) have sufficient and repeatable elevation out to 200 yards. HV ammo will reduce some of the adjustments required, but it's not too different and I happen to prefer CCI SV for accuracy out to 200 yards.

Second, folks have had good luck with 20 MOA rails while still using them at 25 yards (I have several). Your 50 yard zero (required for standing) is very similar to 25 yards. You won't be maxed out the other way (that I have seen, but have your scope with more useful elevation to work with. Some choose 10 MOA and that also works.

You just want to avoid the mechanical limits and lens edges of the scope. We have had them break going past the limits and some complain the edge of the lens at max adjustment is distorted. Let's just say, bad things can happen at the edge. Some scopes (Vortex Crossfire 2-7 rimfire, for instance) have enough clicks for 200 yards without a rail. YMMV.

Third, you can use a BDC, hash marks, or other reticle features if that works for you. The Primary Arms ACSS-22 BDC is configured for HV (Minimags). Just know your holds and know that you may have to make some final adjustments that day for weather and wind.

It is a very fun and challenging event. Happy to answer any other questions.


Thank you for your quick reply and the information - this definitely helps!

I also see from the AS store the general dimensions for the targets to be used at the 200yrd KD.    From this I'll try to infer what the scoring area is, and practice against that-sized target. 

Maybe the shootboss for the upcoming Appleseed this weekend @AAFG will have an extra to show me. :F

Thank you Sir! 


We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.

â€"Benjamin Franklin


The shoot boss will definitely try to bring some samples to the AAFG event this weekend :)

To give you an idea of the scale (and if you want to practice target to print) here is a quicky PDF I put together with a 200 yard target "center" that might be helpful. Not quite the full dimensions, but you are better than a 4 MOA shooter anyway, right?  :snipersmi