Author Topic: South Florida needs Instructor help! - Hollywood Rifle Club - April 30th 2022  (Read 67 times)

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Well, well, well....It looks like the marksmanship world is getting back to its pre-pandemic condition, at least in South Florida. 

As of this morning, the pre-registered shooters for the one-day, April 30th rifle shoot at Hollywood Rifle and Pistol Club (HRPC) have reached 20 students!

Historically, HRPC has filled the line, repeatedly, with a cap of 35 shooters, we will most certainly be dancing near that number with over two weeks left and quite a bit of recent 7th Stepping, including a recent local Libertyseed.

We currently have 5 instructors of which are two red hats (including the shoot boss) and one each IIT3 and IIT2.  Our cadre is very young, filled with very, very recent IIT0 and IIT1 orange hats.

Long-winded…we can use your help!!

PS…as an added incentive.  We have a berm reserved, for the next day, Sunday, May 1st at Homestead Training Center (9 am to 4 pm) for our local instructor cadre to get some much wanted and needed trigger time!  We're planning a potluck BBQ and making it a fun day of camaraderie.  Come join us…PLEASE!!  PM me for more details.
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