Author Topic: Congrats Pocket Watch on his new hat, BOOO's to the Shoot Boss for no pictures  (Read 452 times)

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On a cold, snowy Michigan afternoon, a solitary man slowly approaches through the snow, plodding along as if beaten by his shoot boss, having to do all the work at an event while the SB lounges under the heaters... 
Through the blinding white snow, his orange hat is the first thing to appear to the vision of the students.  But not for long, his stride quickens, gains a confidence, no that hat is not orange, it's now red,  a bright red of instructor...

Yes Pocket Watch, has earned his red hat, with his hard work and perseverance I know he will be a beacon for other instructors and look forward to working with him for years into the future.

Congratulations...  now get to work!

Also, Shoot Boss gets his pay docked for not taking photos or having them ready by the time he posted this.

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Way to go, PW!!! :beer:

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Congratulations, PW!  Well done!
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Outstanding job PocketWatch!
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Nicely done, PW!!!

And of course retiring the orange with panache-He used a Brown Bess!
but I'm just as bad about getting pictures, lol.

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Way to go!  :partytime:  :partytime:

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Congratulations Pocket Watch!

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Congratulations!!!!    :beer:
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...having to do all the work at an event while the SB lounges...

Congrats!  O0  And that's how I remember that day as well  ;D
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Congratulations, PW!  Huzzah!   :F :F :F
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Congrats Dave.  Huzzah! :F

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Thank you all for the Congratulations!!!!! Thank you to all the Appleseeders that I have crossed paths with in my journey!

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Congratulations my friend! I am SO proud of you! Red definitely looks good on you!
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Well done Sir
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congrats sir ! CHEERS !  :beer:
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HUZZAH HUZZAH HUZZAH!  I look forward to working with you again.
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Awesome !