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Ct has 2 new orange hats!

Started by TOMINCT, November 13, 2021, 03:06:39 PM

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 Last weekend's Appleseed at Somers Sportmans Assn has netted Ct 2 minted 2 new orange hats.

Kamel, kamilo6, has stepped up to assist in the battle to win hearts and minds in Ct. He has shown he has what it takes.

edgephoto, Greg, has also stepped up after getting AS to the Somers club and attending and helping at many of the events.

We look forward to your participation in future Appleseeds.

A Rifleman persists. HUZZAH!
crak's battle road IBC 10-09
Ramseur 2-12!
ninsho's battle road IBC 6-13


Outstanding!! Way to go!! Congratulations
10/22/16 Rifleman

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Kamel and Greg - thanks for stepping up and taking the orange hat

Appleseed is friend to all, enemy to none



Thanks for stepping up.  ^:)^


Congratulations Greg and Kamel. Looking forward to seeing you in February :F


Black Knight

Congratulations to both Kamel and Greg for stepping up!  Thank you; we need your help!!!
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