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Pistol Targets - Practice Pack

Started by Maximum Ordinate, October 26, 2021, 08:16:54 PM

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Maximum Ordinate

Free to download and distribute.
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Not Sure

Incredible timing Mr M.O. with only 3 days to practice before the largest Pistol Clinic to date coming on Saturday.  Much Appreciated!


Thank you so much, looking forward to practicing this weekend!


Thank you for sharing these practice PQTs.

I found will print these black and white, single sided for 3.25 cents per page. If you don't have an entire order of $125, then shipping will cost just as much as the job. But, they have free shipping at the $125 order amount. So, I just placed an order for 1,000 practice PQTs. There are 3 of us trying to qualify. I figure whatever targets I don't use, I can share at upcoming Pistol Clinics or leave some at my local gun range.

I think they are a great way to get more exposure to Project Appleseed.

Nashville Stage

If you'd also like to get some of the full-size targets, they're available at the Appleseed store:
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Snow Snake

Hey Mike
We are so looking forward to seeing you,Russ and Dom joining us in the Cda area.Yes,as I predicted,it did sellout.
Also excited you took orange hats.We need high grade help.      ^:)^
Keep me in the loop regarding you progress.
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Thanks Ken - we're looking forward to the Cda Pistol class and continuing our learning.  Really appreciate your coaching last weekend - the ball and dummy drill you ran me thru was incredibly useful.  I still flinch but at least I know what I am doing wrong.  Glad we drove to Parma - well worth the travel.  The training was top notch.

We've both been trying to absorb all the good info in the forums - lots to read.  We also hit the range today using 22lr pistols - that change helped both of us improve.  Pretty sure we'll improve even further once we get the red dots mounted.  Five more weeks to keep improving!