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WV Instructor Corps...Resources To Make It Happen.
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If the Appleseed Project is to stay planted and expected grow in WV, instructors need to be recruited and maintained. This is a vital and honorable component to the overall success of WV Appleseed; I encourage everyone to consider stepping up to this level. So, to make the decision and transition easier, all resources needed to enter this position will be found here:

History and Theory of the IBC [Junior Birdman]

Defining the Instructors Boot Camp:

There has been considerable confusion about what the IBC is and isn't, how IIT levels are assigned, and who advances through the IBC.  I hope this post clears up these misconceptions and allows the machine to run smoothly as we enter 2010.

One of the problems is that we now have 3rd or 4th generation Instructors either running or going through the IBC who never knew the "old" system or how or why we instituted the IBC. (This has led to some misconceptions about what the IBC is and does)

Another problem is that I have failed to have the language written to keep up with this fact, leading to some confusion about the IBCs. I hope this will fix all that.  :-[

So first, some history:

Way back when, (Like a couple of years ago!  ;D), in our quest to build the best rifle instructors in the world, the only way for an Instructor to get enough experience to work the line was to "hit the Appleseed trail" and work enough shoots under the watchful eye of the Red Hats to gain the experience and confidence to teach well. They simply watched the Red Hats work, and were on occasion thrown into the deep end to either sink or swim. (Not good for the instructor OR the shooters)
We even had fixed numbers of shoots required before you could be considered for a Red Hat,(Which was subject to an Instructors opinions as to your abilities). This worked fairly well when we only had 20 Instructors, they were all 1st or 2nd generation, and we all knew one another. The program was small, the instructors gained insights and experience, but at a VERY slow pace. It sometimes took an IIT 6 to 8 shoots or more to gain the competence and confidence needed in all the required areas. Other times, a fellow might be very sharp and need a shoot or two less than the required number. In this case he was restrained unnecessarily.

Along came the "New" system about this time last year. It was based upon abilities rather than a specific number of shoots, the thinking being that if IITs progressed through a series of "gates" called "Proficiency Checks" they would be assured to have the knowledge and abilities required and would have more uniform training which wouldn't be subject to the whims of an individual Instructor.

Reflecting on our experience with RBCs, we hit upon the idea of running a similar Boot Camp just for instructors. It would be a place where a freshly minted Rifleman could take a shortcut to get the experience and confidence needed to engage the shooters Saturday morning and competently teach the fundamentals. The idea was to "front load" all the information needed to teach the basics with confidence, giving the IIT a jump start on the trail, and an opportunity to start out with the experience and ability of an IIT1, 2, or 3. (The lofty goal being IIT3)

The IBC was set up to be a 5 day program. (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, plus the weekend Appleseed) This proved to be unwieldy, so we crammed that 3 day classroom into only 2, (Thursday and Friday, plus the weekend Appleseed), to make it a 4 day program.

Then, when even that wasn't working because nobody could take the time off, we started to allow the IBC to be split into two weekends, the classroom on one weekend, followed by the real world training on the following weekend. (In some cases there are Appleseeds as much as 2 weeks after the classroom, but this is not optimum since the real world training should occur as soon as possible after the classroom to cement the "theory" and "practice" together)

So an IBC is not just the 2 or 3 day "classroom". It MUST include the Appleseed, (Which follows), to be complete.

The IBC is considered to be a "training" event up to the IIT3 level. It is not an "upgrade" event for IIT3 or higher. In other words, it is meant for a fresh Rifleman, with no experience on the line. He should be able to come to an IBC and gain about 2 or 3 shoots worth of training in a single setting, a tremendous jumpstart and a real help for making sure we all stick to the same standards.

This is not to say that ANY Instructor would not gain valuable insights and knowledge from attending an IBC. In deed, we strongly ENCOURAGE Instructors to attend them, and offer them free of charge to them in the interest of helping them pick up new tips and cover changes that may have recently been made in the program.

The IBC was not meant to be a place for an IIT3 or IIT4 to upgrade to the next level.  In other words, if you are an IIT3 and attend an IBC you do not automatically rise to the level of IIT4 or get a Red Hat, and for a number of reasons.
If you are an IIT3 or higher and wish to attend an IBC, by all means, you should! But this is not an "upgrade event", so you will need to coordinate with the Shoot Boss of the Appleseed to follow and present a completed PC and do the required demonstrations of ability to upgrade, just the same as if you did not attend the IBC.

( NOTICE! There may not be an opportunity for this because in order to do the required demos and explanations your demos/ explanations may have to monopolize the entire Appleseed, and the SB may not allow for that, so keep this in mind)

In short: Treat upgrade to IIT4 or Instructor as if there were no IBC.

Remember! This is not a race! In order to build the best rifle Instructor corps on the planet we must uphold the standards required. This requires EXPERIENCE on the line.

One of the things we are seeing more of out there is deficiency in ability. A guy shows up to work a shoot and is listed at IIT3, but when asked to give the IMC demonstration or explain NPOA does an absolutely horrific job of it, or an IIT4 gives an absolutely SPLENDID account of the history, but never once relates the choices or performance of those heroes of April 19, 1775 to us here, today. (Both requirements of the position)

If you are at, say, an IIT3 level, you MUST be able to function very well at that level. The Shoot Bosses, and in fact the entire system depends upon it.

If you are unfamiliar with the requirements of a specific level, they are listed on the first sheet of each Proficiency Check and also below.

If you read the requirements for your level and you have doubts as to whether or not you can properly deliver the goods in front of the crowd you need to work on it until there is no doubt. Be the best Instructor you can be. Every time.

Shoot Bosses should err on the side of competency when assigning levels after an IBC. In other words, if a fellow is a borderline IIT3, he should be a solid IIT2, right? So just assign him to IIT2. He'll "earn" the IIT3, be solid in that position, and we'll all be better off for it.

IIT1:  An "Orange Hat" rated as an IIT1 can be expected to:

   *Execute the duties of an RSO or LSO to standards (100%)
   *Execute Line Boss duties well (80%)

IIT2:  An "Orange Hat" rated as an IIT2 can be expected to:

   *Execute the duties of an RSO or LSO to standards (100%)
   *Execute Line Boss duties to standards (100%)
   *Engage the shooters, troubleshoot, and do Basic Line Instruction well

IIT3: An "Orange Hat" rated as an IIT3 can be expected to:

   *Execute the duties of an RSO or LSO to standards (100%)
   *Execute Line Boss duties to standards (100%)
   *Engage the shooters, troubleshoot, and do Advanced Line Instruction well
*Explain and Demonstrate the 4 Safety Rules, the 6 Steps of Firing the
Shot, Sling Use, Positions, NPOA, Inches/ Minutes/ Clicks, Talking Targets, Rifleman's Cadence, Stages of the AQT and "Redcoat Target".

IIT4: An "Orange Hat" rated as an IIT4 can be expected to:

   *Execute the duties of an RSO or LSO to standards (100%)
   *Execute Line Boss duties to standards (100%)
   *Engage the shooters, troubleshoot, and do Advanced Line instruction well
*Explain and Demonstrate the 4 Safety Rules, The 6 Steps of Firing the
Shot, Sling Use, Positions, NPOA, Inches/ Minutes/ Clicks, Talking Targets, Rifleman's Cadence, Stages of the AQT and "Redcoat Target".
   *Present the events and activities of April 19th, 1775 and relate them to us today.

IIT level assignments will be done AFTER the Appleseed because the Appleseed event following your IBC is an integral part of the IBC. They cannot be separated and your Instructor Evaluation Form is based upon BOTH your performance in the "classroom" and at the Appleseed.

No PCs are done at an IBC because it is not an "upgrade event", and besides, since you have not been assigned a level, how could you possibly know which PC to study for and complete?


*The IBC consists of a 2 or 3 day "classroom" followed by a 2 day Appleseed event. BOTH must be completed.

*The IBC is for training up to the level of IIT3, not upgrade for IIT4 or Instructor.
   (The highest level at which you may exit an IBC is IIT3)

*If you attend an IBC as an IIT, IIT1, or IIT2 you can be assigned a level as high as IIT3 after the event (Without completing a PC)

*If you attend an IBC as an IIT3, IIT4 or Red Hat, then TRAIN! Sharpen your skills! Use the IBC to gain valuable knowledge and insights for your tool kit and learn new tips and techniques.
Then, if you seek to upgrade, do it as if there had not been an IBC: Present the completed PC to the Appleseed Shoot Boss and do the required demonstrations of ability, following the limitations established; one PC per event.


Clear and Concise Explanation, as Posted by Nickle...

Link to original thread: or

Sections in italics are recent additions/modifications

Now, here's the skinny on how it works, and know there's LOTS of confusion out there on this. I've gotten hammered by requests lately, seen posts in some areas of the board, and can see there's a general lack of  clarity on the matter. It's far more than just one or two incidents, trust me.

For someone to become an Instructor-In-Training (IIT), they MUST have attended no less than 2 Appleseeds and have shot a Rifleman score (210 or higher, though somes abbreviated here as 210+). Some of this is waivable, by a Master Instructor (MI) (see below), IF the prospective IIT warrants getting waived.

There is no IIT0, but there is plain IIT. That's where all IIT's start.

To get to a level, they have to pass the PC for that level. The ONLY exception is the IBC Final Exam (done only at an IBC), and that in itself grades the IIT's, so, it functions as a PC of sorts. IBC Grads, which get evaluated at their next Appleseed, by means of an IEF.

The Rifleman score is an issue, but, we have already resolved that the Rifleman score will stall them at IIT4. That is IF they meet ALL the PC's up to that point. Can't go to Instructor without the score.

We don't automatically make someone an IIT2 or IIT3 because of the IBC. We don't automatically hold them at IIT1 beacause of the Rifleman score.

Now, I'm going to have to track all those non-Riflemen IIT's we have, or this is going to get out of hand. I can't track it without the info.

So, when you recommend making someone an IIT, don't just throw them an Orange Hat and think you're done. I want a PM sent to me and DonD and the person we're making an IIT (speeds the process of looking their profile up). We want to know how many Appleseeds they've attended, and their high AQT score (if it's 210 or higher, Rifleman is good enough for the number). If they need a waiver (for one Appleseed and/or the Rifleman score), then it has to go to an MI. If there's an MI that was at that event when this occured, that's who to contact, otherwise, use a nearby MI, that knows the region. The MI will need to send me the PM (the PM serves as his "signature"). I am willing to consider the waivers myself, but, you'll have to sell me on it. I'm not all that hard to convince, either, though sometimes there will be conditions (like attendance at an IBC soon). 2010 update, waivers are going to be tighter from me.


To give a couple of scenarios for you, here's how it potentially works. Names are fictitious. Levels are the literal term, abbreviated.

Joe attends 2 Appleseeds, shoots several 210+ AQT's, and expresses an interest in becoming an Instructor. We make him an IIT, he starts working Appleseeds, taking the IIT1 PC at his first, IIT2 at his 2nd, IIT3 at his 3rd and so forth, ending with the Instructor PC. He passes them all.

John does his 2 Appleseeds, shoots multiple 210+ scores, steps up, we make him an IIT, he attends an IBC before working an Appleseed. He passes the IBC Final Exam at the IIT3 level, we make him an IIT3. After that, he travels the same path Joe did, starting at the IIT3 level.

George, does his 2 Appleseeds, but hasn't shot that 210+ yet. We waive his score, he becomes an IIT, and he attends an IBC. He passes the Final Exam at the IIT3 level, he works his next Appleseed, passes the IIT4 PC, we make him an IIT4 and he stays at that level until he gets the 210+ done.

Bob, attends his 2 Appleseeds, attends an IBC, passes the final exam at the IIT1 level, we make him an IIT1 and he continues on, like the rest.

Eric attends his 2 Appleseeds, attends an IBC, and can't pass the IIT1 level of the final exam. We make him an IIT, and he continues on.

Does that help explain it any?

The Rifleman score ONLY keeps them from going to Instructor.

Under 21 years old can go up to Instructor, but not to Shoot Boss.


So that it's 100% clear!

It takes an MI to waive the 2 AS and/or Rifleman score requirement. Anybody lower than an MI can RECOMMEND the waiver, but only an MI can APPROVE it, and that's ANY MI.

RWVA Staff that aren't MI's can't make the waiver. State Coordinators can't make the waiver. Shoot Bosses can't make the waiver. Senior Instructors can't make the waiver. ONLY MI's can make the waiver. The rest can recommend the waiver, and submit it to an MI.

The basic rule is that an MI can waive 1 AS of the 2 and can waive the Rifleman requirement.

The MI's are going to use their heads when making those waivers. They aren't afraid to say NO. If they approve a waiver, I will be hearing it from them, by PM.

We won't waive both AS's of the requirements, just 1, and there's some pretty dedicated folks that have been refused both AS's waived (recently, too). It will stay that way, too. I don't care HOW MANY Appleseeds they've worked as a helper. One was recently refused the waiver, and they helped at no less than 14 Appleseeds and 2 IBC's. Solid worker, but no Appleseed, no IIT. Don't worry, they're doing an Appleseed ASAP, and will then step up to the plate. Of all the MI's and SI's that do IBC's, none of them are likely to allow an IBC student that hasn't done at least 1 Appleseed. They aren't allowed anyways.

And, attendance at a Rifleman Boot Camp (unlike an IBC) actually includes an Appleseed, so that covers that. There's your 2 events, just need a RM score.


How to Become a RWVA Instructor, by Junior Birdman...

Link to original thread:


As the Appleseed Project grows, we are required to change the way we do things from time to time. While the system we now use to evaluate and certify instructors worked well a year ago, the number of instructors we have now renders it nearly unusable today.  The following is an outline of the new system now in place and answers a few questions you may have regarding where you fit in.

The new system is a merit and abilities based system. There is no longer a requirement for a certain number of shoots to be instructed to upgrade to a higher level.   The instructor "levels" have been simplified to help in tracking instructors and assigning them to shoots where they are needed or where they can gain the most experience.

The new system will go a long way toward creating a corps of instructors who will be the best rifle instructors in existence and still allow us to grow into the coming years.


The new levels are based on the specific capabilities of the instructor:


IIT1:  An "Orange Hat" rated as an IIT1 can be expected to:

   *Execute the duties of an RSO or LSO to standards (100%)
   *Execute Line Boss duties well (80%)

IIT2:  An "Orange Hat" rated as an IIT2 can be expected to:

   *Execute the duties of an RSO or LSO to standards (100%)
   *Execute Line Boss duties to standards (100%)
   *Engage the shooters, troubleshoot, and do Basic Line instruction well

IIT3: An "Orange Hat" rated as an IIT3 can be expected to:

   *Execute the duties of an RSO or LSO to standards (100%)
   *Execute Line Boss duties to standards (100%)
   *Engage the shooters, troubleshoot, and do Advanced Line instruction well
   *Explain and Demonstrate the 4 Safety Rules, the 6 Steps of Firing the
Shot, Sling Use, Positions, NPOA, Inches/ Minutes/ Clicks, Talking Targets, Rifleman's Cadence, Stages of the AQT and "Redcoat Target".

IIT4: An "Orange Hat" rated as an IIT4 can be expected to:

   *Execute the duties of an RSO or LSO to standards (100%)
   *Execute Line Boss duties to standards (100%)
   *Engage the shooters, troubleshoot, and do Advanced Line instruction well
   *Explain and Demonstrate the 4 Safety Rules, The 6 Steps of Firing the
Shot, Sling Use, Positions, NPOA, Inches/ Minutes/ Clicks, Talking Targets, Rifleman's Cadence, Stages of the AQT and "Redcoat Target".
   *Present the events and activities of April 19th, 1775 and relate them to us today.

A "Red Hat" Instructor can be expected to:

   *Execute the duties of an RSO or LSO to standards (100%)
   *Execute Line Boss duties to standards (100%)
   *Teach Advanced Line instruction well
   *Explain and Demonstrate the 4 Safety Rules, The 6 Steps of Firing the
Shot, Sling Use, Positions, NPOA, Inches/ Minutes/ Clicks, Talking Targets, Rifleman's Cadence, Stages of the AQT and "Redcoat Target".
   *Present the events and activities of April 19th, 1775 and relate them to us today.
   *Is eligible for Shoot Boss designation (Green Hat)
   *Is eligible to instruct at a Rifleman's Boot Camp

   (An Instructor is eligible for Senior Instructor after having instructed at 10 events as an Instructor and 3 events as Shoot Boss)

A "Red Hat" Instructor rated as Senior Instructor can be expected to:

   *Execute the duties of an RSO or LSO to standards (100%)
   *Execute Line Boss duties to standards (100%)
   *Engage the shooters, troubleshoot, and do Advanced Line instruction well
   *Explain and Demonstrate the 4 Safety Rules, The 6 Steps of Firing the
Shot, Sling Use, Positions, NPOA, Inches/ Minutes/ Clicks, Talking Targets, Rifleman's Cadence, Stages of the AQT and "Redcoat Target".
   *Present the events and activities of April 19th, 1775 and relate them to us today.
   *Execute the duties of Shoot Boss to standards
   *Teach Advanced Rifleman Skills to standards including:
      Target Detection, Range Estimation, Trajectory, Come up's, BSZ,
Compensating for effects of wind.
   *Teach Shoot Boss duties and responsibilities and designate Shoot Bosses
   *Is eligible to Shoot Boss a Rifleman's Boot camp under the supervision of a MI
   *Upon approval from the Master Instructor corps is eligible to teach the IBC

Inclusion within the Master Instructors corps is by invitation and is based upon service, dedication, and commitment to the Appleseed Project. Master Instructors have excelled in all areas of instruction and have shown themselves to have a deep commitment to the program. They are the designated "quality control" department of RWVA and determine policies and procedures for everything involved with Appleseed.

How to progress as an RWVA Instructor:

First, to become an Instructor in Training, you must have attended an Appleseed event, either a weekend Appleseed or a Rifleman's Boot Camp or Instructors Boot Camp with the desire to become an RWVA Instructor.

You will need be able to shoot a rifleman score, (210 or better), and attend a second Appleseed event. (These requirements are able to be waived)

To be certified at any level, you will have to pass a standardized examination called a "Progress Check", or PC. The PC will contain questions as well as require explanations and demonstrations of abilities. The minimum passing score is 90%.

Some areas of the PC must be observed while instructing at an Appleseed event, such as the History Presentation or demonstrating and explaining a position.

A study outline has been provided in the Instructors Manual to let you know what knowledge or skill sets are required for each PC.

You should notify the Shoot Boss, (in advance), at any event that you will be requesting a PC at that event. This will ensure he has the proper supplies there.

IITs and Instructors can take a PC at any Appleseed event and it is administered by the Shoot Boss at that event.  The PC for Senior Instructors must be administered by a Master Instructor.

You may take one examination per event and, you must take the PCs in sequence; you cannot simply take the IIT4 exam first. This will ensure the appropriate experience is gained on the Appleseed Trail.

Converting your present level to the new system:

Anyone not already an "Orange Hat" will begin as an IIT and move up from there.

Those who are already IITs will be certified at a level according to their known abilities at present and will progress from there. (If you don't think you are at the proper level, contact the last Master Instructor you worked under)

IITs who have completed an IBC or RBC will be certified according to their abilities displayed at susequent events. Those completing the IBC or RBC after January 1st, 2009 will be ranked according to their capabilities as demonstrated at the respective Boot Camp, (With the "target" level being IIT3).

Those who are "Red Hat" Instructors will remain so. Full Instructors under the old system will be considered Senior Instructors under the new one.

If you have any questions as to what your present level is, please consult with the last Master Instructor you worked under.

Instructor Evaluation Forms:

You should still receive an Instructor Evaluation Form, (or IEF), from the Shoot Boss after each event where you instruct, however, the IEF is now solely for your own use.
You should use the IEF to determine areas of strength and weakness in your abilities, so make sure you get one for each event so that you may improve.

No evaluation or progress is predicated on the use of an IEF and none will be compiled for record.  The only person receiving and holding your IEF will be you, and it is strongly advised that you make sure you have one for each event at which you have instructed for future reference.

Recency of Experience:

IITs or Instructors who have not instructed at an Appleseed event within the preceding 8 calendar months will be not be considered current and cannot teach at any event. In order to regain currency they will have to pass the PC for the level at which they last instructed and review any changes in policy and procedure that may have occurred since they last instructed. (Another good reason to hold on to your last IEF)


Some great advice (this is an excellent overview, check for current updates) about the responsibilities and expectations of being a Shoot Boss:
Original thread, with downloadable attachments:

Copied from DragonWood's post on the Shoot Boss board:

Shoot Boss Responsibilities

Note: There are 4 attatchments at the bottom. If you can not download these just click on the links within this thread, there will be a pdf file that you can download.

This will lead to a smooth and successful Appleseed Event.

Promoting the event your responsibility.
Start this at minimum of 4 weeks out but the sooner the better. We're expecting the SB to be a key player in getting the event promoted. E-mails to local gun shops, clubs, groups, etc. Getting it posted on various forums and such. This works hand in hand with our promotions crew. He also will get any e-mails to the appleseedinfo address sent to him, so he can answer any questions.
Who is your State Coordinator? (find out and contact them for help esp with promoting)

The SB needs to create a Course of Fire (or Plan) for the weekend.
If the SB is in "Training Mode" then he needs to submit his COF/Plan to the MI or Senior Shoot Boss that will be working with him. If the SB is a first time SB, and will not be under direct supervision, then he still needs to submit the COF to an MI for approval. THis is to ensure that our SB's use a proper COF for their event.

Four Weeks Out
Contact Range.
Introduce yourself. Find out if they need anything. Check that they have for us target backers, lavs, target line etc....
Print out a blank range data sheet Use this as a guide to ask questions about the range. (note download at bottom)
Who is your Boots on the Ground person? (find out if you have one)
Whoever it is needs to have this range data form with them if they are able to visit the range before the shoot.
If no one is able to visit the range use the range data form to ask pertinent questions.
Two Key pieces of information needed: Is there a choke point between parking lot and range? And are there multiple firing lines/bays?
Find out about the possibility of lunch for Saturday and Sunday.
What is the availability and the cost. (Many times a range will have a local 4H club sponsor the lunches as a fund raising event)

PM your instructors.
Introduce yourself.
You need to coordinate travel arrangements with your instructors prior to 30 days out. Find out who is traveling by air and get them to coordinate  arrival and departure times together. Car rental, if necessary, needs to be coordinated as well.

Three Weeks Out
If you haven't done so already, PM your instructors and introduce yourself. Let them know what you expect. Everyone will be instructing. PM them the link below it will help them prepare for the event.

A great tool to use is the attached Appendix. Send this to your instructors. Encourage them to study this before the event, it will easy any anxiety they may have. Especially if they are a new IIT.
Another tool is the other attachment Troubleshooting.

Follow up on travel arrangements. Find out who is coming on Friday or Saturday.
Coordinate hotel arrangements and rental car if needed.
Find out who needs a red hat.
Safety Orange Hats will be included in supplies for the IIT's.
You should have a written COF developed by now.

Two Weeks Out
PM Fred [now it's Bulkhead] for supplies. Be sure to put "SUPPLIES" in the subject line.
10 Days prior is ok with the exception of the West Coast, Fred will need two weeks.
He will need to know the number of shooters, if you have any supplies on hand and what they are and an address to send everything to. You can also request red hats if needed. You should check with JB if you are not sure if someone is able to get a red hat yet. Orange hats will be included in your supplies.
Use this link for more details:

One Week Out
Assign points of instruction to your instructors so they can be better prepared for the weekend. You can do this sooner if you know you have all the instructors you will need for the shoot.
Make copies of the following:
Blank range data sheet
Blank IEF's (one per instructor)
COF one for the main line and one for YOURSELF (you can take lots of notes throught the weekend)
Contact Range
Any last minute details?
If materials where shipped to someone else, check with them to make sure you have what you need.

A day or two before.
Print out your list of pre registered attendees.

Make sure you have all your forms printed out. Including your COF.

Day Before (Friday)
*Ideally you should have your Pre Appleseed Brief on Friday evening. (Hint: Don't try to do this over dinner at the restaurant, it's too loud and just doesn't work.)
Go over emergency medical plan.
Assign Duties
Parking Drill (remember rifles to be left in vehicles)
One person at main gate. (minimum)
People for the parking area.
People for the range at the firing line.
(*You can and should enlist the help of attendees to help with this.)
Admin Drill
Although this officially begins at 0830, start as soon as you can. Shooters will begin showing up as early as 0730.
Be sure to get a signed liability form from everyone who is attending, whether they are shooting or watching. Only THEN can you give them their name tag, chamber flag, and handouts.

Review who is instructing points of instruction according to your COF.
Assign history talks, this can be (should be) done with as much time prior to the event as possible.
1st Strike
2nd Strike
3rd Strike
During the Appleseed make sure you fill in any gaps that have been left out.
Assign who will be calling the line and when.
They can chose their RSO (range safety officers) and the overlap rifle. **If your volunteer RSO's are Appleseeders from the line, you have to give them specific parts of the line to clear and you need to check on them to see if they are doing their job. Make it clear to them to them that they do NOT give the "thumbs up" or "clear!" until AFTER they have cleared every rifle they are responsible for. You must also check on them throughout the day to maintain quality assurance.

NOW, you should be ready!!

Notes/Helpful Hints
Use a clipboard for yourself. On this clipboard have your COF and IEF's. Take notes throughout the weekend. This will help you will your evening briefs and will help you put together your internal AAR.

Have your blank IEF's. Take notes on each instructor throughout the shoot. This is KEY!! You will have no problems getting your IEF's done quickly after the shoot. You will not remember what you did Sat AM by Sat PM, so take notes!
Help your instructors throughout the weekend when needed. Never "correct" an instructor in front of everyone. If needed take them to the side and discuss it.

At the end of Day One
There will be a "Benediction" checklist of items to cover including the following:
Gather everyone up before they go home for the night.
Ask everyone how they did. If they had fun etc..... Also suggest Advil or Tylenol.
You can give out T-shirts at this time if you haven't done so at lunch.
Award Rifleman Patches.
Ask if anyone has any questions.
Then let them know what time to be back for Sunday.

Saturday Evening
Instructors Dinner
Go over the day. Use your notes if needed to go over things that could be done differently and things that worked well.
Assign duties for Sunday.
Parking lot drill
Admin Drill
Points of Instruction

Get a good night's sleep!


At the end of the shoot:
Gather all shooters before sending them home.
Again ask questions. Remind them to practice. Remind everyone to become involved politically and with this program.
Award Rifleman Patches.

Remember to include

Review of AS program - learn today, go home and teach tomorrow. Promote the 7th step. Learn this weekend, go home and persist to become a rifleman. It's a one-way journey; as an American, once you take the first step, you don't quit.
The importance of the program - all we're trying to do is save a country, and pass on a tradition to the future.
How and why you should volunteer for this program. And if you volunteer, you make a commitment - to stick thru good and bad, thick and thin. No sunshine patriots, no summer soldiers (maybe quote Paine - it's powerful stuff to hear)
If you don't formally volunteer, maybe at least you can spread the word to friends, co-workers, neighbors and family. What about kids? What about grandkids? What about nieces and nephews?
Now's a good time to tell them "we'll be back" and the date, if available - and if coming to another location in the state or nearby state to welcome them to come to another AS.
And tell them how easy it is to get an Appleseed in their local area, so next time they don't have to drive so far. Whether they do or don't, remind them to bring a friend.

CMP Garand and why you should buy one - and hand out the "Proof of Marksmanship Activity" forms (do this Sat PM also for 1-day people)
Maybe thank the local club; if some rep present, give he a chance for some closing remarks (also good for the Sat AM orientations, if a local club rep is there - mostly they are not...).
Send shooters home with extra targets. A few red coats and a couple of AQT's.

Sunday Brief
Keep it short. Everyone is tired! Go over the day and the weekend. Again use your COF that you have taken notes on. (You did remember to take notes, right?)

Get another good night's sleep!

The next few days after the event (or as Fred says, ASAP)
Reconcile Money. (Get money orders for any cash) Send in MO's and liability forms to Fred.

IEF'sIf you took notes during the weekend on the instructors, half your job is done. Finish them and send them out to the instructor you are evaluating.
Important: PM JB or Nickle with the IIT's screen name (if they are new) so that they can be identified as an instructor and get access to instructor levels on the forum.

If you have administered a progress check you must PM Nickle with results.


Range Data Form

If you took notes and completed one during the weekend more than half your job is done! Complete one under the Range Data Board.

Follow up with Range. Thank them again and secure any future events.


UPDATE: Please download and keep some copies of the NEW Liability Release forms on hand; the old ones are obsolete! See attachment below.

Next Step?

OK, you read the info above and you're ready to go, right?  O0  So what's the next step?  PM me...that's all!

I will review everyone on a case-by-case basis, and then the best plan for you will be worked out. Keep in mind the possible waivers that can be made as referenced above. Only a Master Instructor can perform the waiver, but a State Coordinator or Senior Instructor can make a recommendation, based on merit.  

Once your status is upgraded to IIT, the following material can be found at the listed links:

Make sure you have the most recent updated version of the Official Instructors Manual -

IIT info -

PC downloads -

Instructor schedule of current shoot staffing -
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